LPH LPPOM MUI: Accelerating SJPH Digitalization with Design Thinking

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The Assessment Institute for Foods, Drugs, and Cosmetics Indonesian Council of Ulama (LPPOM MUI) has implemented a design thinking approach in developing the online halal certification application (CEROL-SS23000) since 9 years ago.

Seeing the many stakeholders involved in halal certification in Indonesia, it is necessary to have a synergy between the parties involved. The National Committee for Sharia Economy and Finance (KNEKS), held a workshop on Design Thinking related to the development and acceleration of the digitalization of an integrated national halal product guarantee information system. This workshop is expected to open up opportunities for collaboration synergy to facilitate the halal certification process for business actors, especially SMEs.

The application of design thinking has long been used by LPPOM MUI in developing its online halal certification system (CEROL-SS23000). Currently, CEROL-SS23000 has entered its third version, which is made more user-friendly and makes it easier for companies to conducted halal certification.

What is design thinking? 

Design Thinking is an approach taken to develop innovation by using designer sensitivity and methods to match customer needs and what business strategies are feasible. In short, this is a problem-solving method that focuses on the user or users. 

CEROL-SS23000, the online halal certification system developed by LPPOM MUI in 2012, has now entered its third version, it is made easier and more user-friendly. With the Interactive Visual Interface, all the steps needed to register for halal certification can now be performed with one view. Specifically developed according to the user’s business process needs, both for the Restaurant, Slaughter, Processing, and Service Industry groups.

This provides opportunities and challenges for collaboration in accelerating the Halal Product Assurance System (SJPH), especially how to build synergies between platforms between LPH and SIHALAL to be included in the national halal product database, to continue to provide services that are easier, faster, and provide a better experience. 

“In addition, synergy is also needed with the MUI halal determination guidelines so that the halal certificate platform can run,” said the Director of Operations of LPPOM MUI, Ir. Sumunar Jati, MP.

During the workshop which was held on Thursday-Friday, June 10-11 2021, various parties were brought together, including the Ministry of Religion in this case BPJPH, Ministry of Investment / BKPM, LPPOM MUI, Ministry of Finance, and PT. Telkom Indonesia, Tbk. (NAD)

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