Here Are The Companies that has Achieved the 2021 HAS Award, Is Your Company is one of them?

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Bogor (31/1) – The Halal Inspection Body (LPH) of LPPOM MUI appreciates halal-certified companies that consistently implement the Halal Assurance System (HAS) very well in the 2021 HAS Award. (Watch the video here)

The announcement was made to coincide with the ASSALAM event (LPPOM MUI Gathering Event and Halal Certified Companies), on Monday, May 31st, 2021. The Executive Director of LPH LPPOM MUI, Muti Arintawati, said that this was a form of appreciation from LPPOM MUI to halal-certified companies that continue to be committed to implementing Halal Assurance System. 

The criteria for the 2021 Halal Award winners include:

  1.  Having a HAS certificate
  2. Obtaining A status in all registered facilities
  3. Performing a timely renewal (registering to CEROL-SS23000 three months before and finishing no later than the previous validity period).
  4. There are no weaknesses during the audit in the last four years (not the result of weaknesses fixing).

The following are 14 companies that win the 2021 HAS Award

1. IFF – PT Essence Indonesia 

2. Givaudan Europe 

3. PT Sanghiang Perkasa 

4. PT GarudaFood Putra Putri Jaya Tbk 

5. PT CS2 Pola Sehat 

6. PT Musim Mas 

7. PT Tempo Scan Pacific Tbk 

8. PT Sarihusada Generasi Mahardhika 

9. PT Ajinomoto Indonesia 

10. PT Haldin Pacific Semesta 

11. PT Central Proteina Prima 

12. PT Macroprima Panganutama

13. PT Putra Taro Paloma 

14. PT Seasonal Supplies Indonesia 

“Thank you to all MUI halal-certified companies who have committed to implementing Halal Assurance System. We hope that the 2021 HAS Award can be a trigger for other halal-certified companies to continue to improve the implementation of the HAS to the maximum,” said Muti. (*)

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