LPPOM MUI Response to Handle Complaints and Appeals


We understand complaints and appeals are an integral part of the relationship between clients and LPPOM MUI. LPPOM MUI is prepared to respond to and address any complaints and appeals to guarantee customer satisfaction. In our policy, complaints and appeals shall be handled within a reasonable timeline and transparently, whilst fully respecting the principles and requirements of confidentiality and impartiality so that it will not result in discriminatory actions.

Complaints, as a form of dissatisfaction with our services can be submitted to LPPOM MUI through Call Center 14056, e-mail: [email protected], or website: LPPOM MUI makes sure the complaint will be verified and the clients get proper information. If the complaint is valid, LPPOM MUI will respond to it and notifies the client of the necessary corrective action.

An appeal can be made by a client if the outcome of the certification decision is not satisfactory. An appeal should be filed no later than 28 days from the day the certification decision document is issued. Appeals shall be submitted in writing through e-mail: [email protected]. The following information must be included in the appeal filing for the process to be simple and easy:

  • Name and contact details of the company that submits the appeal.
  • Clear description of the issue.
  • Supporting evidence.

LPPOM MUI will provide an initial response, including an outline of proposed actions to follow up on the appeal. LPPOM MUI will address and investigate the appeal by organizing an Appeal Board to gather information from the parties involved. The President Director of LPPOM MUI will decide on a resolution in a written Decision Letter based on the information provided by the Appeal Board. The Decision Letter includes the outcome, as well as the justification for the decision. The entire process must be finalized within 10 working days since the appeal is received.