Welcoming the Mandatory Halal Certification, LPPOM MUI Gives Seminar at JIEXPO

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Currently, Indonesia has begun to implement Law Number 33 of 2014 concerning Halal Product Guarantee (JPH Law). Article 4 states that products that enter, circulate and are traded in the territory of Indonesia must be halal certified, except for products that are forbidden.

Marketing &Networking Manager of LPPOM MUI, Cucu Rina Purwaningrum, conveyed this in a seminar with the theme “Preparation to Face Mandatory Halal Certification for Food, Catering, and Hotel Kitchen” on July 28, 2022. This seminar is a series of activities for the 2022 Food & Hotel Indonesia (FHI) Exhibition which will take place at the Jakarta International Expo (JIEXPO) from 26 to 29 July 2022.

In this regard, the Government has set mandatory halal products since October 17, 2019. However, considering that there are still many things that need to be prepared, the Government provides a transition period or a mandatory halal preparation period according to the type of product.

“Previously, the proposal for halal certification was carried out voluntarily by business actors. Now, along with the enactment of halal product guarantee regulations, halal product certification is mandatory. This is a challenge for business actors, because the time is approaching. In particular, for food and beverage products that must be halal certified in 2024,” explained Cucu.

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Related to the halal certification procedure, business actors register at the BPJPH Halal to get a Document Receipt Letter (STTD) then choose LPPOM MUI as a halal inspection agency. If you choose LPPOM MUI, the HALAL PARTNER Team (account officer) of LPPOM MUI will contact the company to assist in the halal certification process further until the halal certificate is issued by BPJPH.

In terms of services, LPPOM MUI as a Halal Inspection Agency (LPH) received appreciation from the Managing Director of PT. Indonesian Thirst Quencher (Xing Fu Tang), Vancelia Wiradjaja. According to him, LPPOM MUI’s preparedness in serving its clients deserves thumbs up. All facilities are also very adequate to help business actors complete the halal certification process very well and quickly.

“With the large amount of Xing Fu Tang raw materials coming from abroad, of course we have received a lot of questions about the halalness of our products. When we did halal certification, I was quite surprised, because it was not only halal that was checked, but also the safety aspect. It turned out to be that deep,” Vancelia said.

With halal certification through LPPOM MUI, a product can be sharpened halal and its thayyibness. This is one thing that cannot be separated. So, this can provide safety and peace of mind to consumers in consuming a product.

Vancelia added that mature readiness and high commitment are the keys to the success of halal certification. “So it needs commitment and careful readiness, even to the point of changing the existing system so that the system created can guarantee the halalness and safety of the product,” he explained.

This was clarified by Cucu who mentioned that the system in question was the Halal Product Assurance System (SJPH). By implementing this system, halal auditors can ensure that products are produced consistently guaranteed halalness during the validity period of the halal certificate, which is four years.

Related to the length of time for halal certification, according to Cucu, there is no time limit in preparation. But generally, preparations can be made within a period of one month. The preparation in question includes training, preparation of documents and registration of halal certification. In the condition of business actors who are very ready to carry out halal certification, the audit can be carried out quickly with good results (few or no findings).

“That way, the halal provisions can come out within two weeks. This means that the entire halal certification process can be carried out within 1.5 months at the earliest. Of course, this must be accompanied by the readiness of business actors in carrying out halal certification,” explained Cucu.

Overview of the FHI Exhibition 2022. This is an international trade fair of the leading hospitality, food and beverage industry in Indonesia and is attended by more than 500 exhibiting companies from 26 countries that can encourage national economic recovery. On this occasion, LPPOM MUI was also present to provide education and consultation on halal certification for free to the business actors present. (YN)

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