Facilitating access to technical information on the halal certification process for business actors, LPPOM MUI is present in Food & Hotel Indonesia 2022

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That day, Thursday, July 28, 2022, he attended JIEXPO at the Food & Hotel Indonesia Expo. He is a business actor who wants to find out more about the halal certification process. From the news on Instagram, he learned that LPPOM MUI opened a booth in the 16th Indonesia International Leading Hospitality, Food &Beverages Trade Exhibition which starts from 26 to 29 July 2022.


When present at booth No. 1011 belongs to LPPOM MUI, enthusiasm is illustrated by the crowds of visitors who attend the LPPOM MUI booth at Food & Hotel Indonesia 2022. Not only manufacturing, restaurant and kitchen business actors from within the country but business actors from abroad, associations of entrepreneurs, distributors, owners of retail and logistics services also visited and consulted with the LPPOM MUI team. The lack of information related to the update of halal certification regulations in Indonesia, the process that must be passed in halal certification and the documents that need to be prepared for these business actors, are the objectives of LPPOM MUI to be present at the expo to facilitate the needs of business actors. According to Cucu Rina Purwaningrum as marketing & networking manager, “LPPOM MUI is present at Food & Hotel Indonesia to open the widest access so that it can collaborate with various parties. Business actors have the right to get access to the information needed to start the halal certification process so that they can answer the Indonesian government’s regulations on Halal Product Guarantees whose staging of halal certification obligations has been started since 2019. In the future, there will be many similar events that will be attended by LPPOM MUI in collaboration with event organizers.”

This was welcomed by business actors who came to visit “We are happy that LPPOM MUI is at this expo, because in addition to us being able to find suppliers of materials and equipment that we need for production, we can also get information about halal certification which so far I am still unclear how to start the process. Our needs are fully facilitated in this one expo event, “that’s the impression of one of the visitors who attended the LPPOM MUI booth.


In a series of events at the Indonesia International Leading Hospitality, Food &Beverages Trade Exhibition which has been held for the 16th time this year, together with the event organizer, NAMELY PT Pamerindo Indonesia, LPPOM MUI held a seminar with the topic “Preparation to Face the Obligation of Halal Certification for Business Actors with Food Products, Catering, and Hotel Kitchens”.

Present as resource persons from LPPOM MUI, namely Cucu Purwaningrum as Manager of Marketing and Networking of LPPOM MUI and PT Pelepas Dahaga Indonesia or the public knows the product, namely boba drinks with the Xing Fu Tang brand which already has a halal certificate. With the presence of the two speakers, visitors were presented with complete information about the requirements and stages of the halal certification process. To provide a technical overview of how a business actor starts the halal certification process, Vancelia from PT Pelepas Dahaga Indonesia explained her experience when she processed halal certification for her products with the Xing Fu Tang restaurant brand.

Seeing the many benefits that exist for business actors in organizing this expo and seminar, LPPOM MUI will participate a lot in similar events so that it can collaborate with more stakeholders and make it easier for business actors to get information and contacts with LPPOM MUI.

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