LPPOM MUI: Halal Certification is Not Just a Regulatory Fulfillment

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Halal certification is not only a piece of paper as a fulfillment of regulations, but also producer awareness and responsibility for meeting consumer needs, has added value to provide evidence of meeting consumer confidence in the context of providing guarantees to consumers.

This was conveyed by the President Director of LPPOM MUI, Ir. Muti Arintawati, M.Si at the LPPOM MUI Halal Award 2022 awarding ceremony which was held on July 7, 2022 at the IPB International Convention Center, Bogor.

On this occasion, Muti expressed his gratitude for the company's cooperation and commitment in implementing halal certification, both those who have just started cooperation and those who have been carrying out cooperation for a long time. This gives a lot of color in the journey of halal certification since 33 years ago until today.

Meanwhile, Halal Partnership & Audit Services Director of LPPOM MUI, Dr. Ir. Muslich, M.Si explained the importance of accrediting a product so that it can be accepted abroad. Indonesia through LPPOM MUI carried out an accreditation process in 2017 to the United Arab Emirates (UAE) in 14 product categories of SNI ISO / IEC 17065: 2012 and UAE. S2055-2. LPPOM MUI has also been accredited by KAN since January 2018 until now. Both are urgently needed to claim halal products abroad.

"There are several adaptations of HAS 23000 to SNI that have been completed regarding halal poultry slaughter (SNI SNI 99 002: 2016), slaughter of Ruminant animals (SNI 99 003: 2018), general requirements for halal food (SNI 99 004: 2021), as well as general requirements for restaurants and halal food services (RSNI)," said Muslich.

To support the ease of halal certification, LPPOM MUI also provides the CEROL-SS23000 (online certification) platform which currently has a inquires feature to submit halal certification requests. The two sources of material approval owned, namely, all materials submitted to the fatwa commission and requests for material approval by anyone will automatically be approved, with the hope that the process of fulfilling the company's halal criteria can be easier.

"The LPPOM MUI team has also currently provided an integrated Halal Partner, Marketing, and Customer Service Team and is expected to help the Indonesian people in accelerating the halal certification process to support export activities of halal products to the global market," said Muslich. (*)

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