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There is a well-known phrase that Dr. KH. Anwar Abas, MM, M.Ag., "Whoever masters the information will undoubtedly be able to rule the world. Whoever is able to establish communication, then he will be able to rule the world".

So, "If the MUI wants to be able to rule the world, then master the information and communication," said the Secretary General (Secretary General) of the Indonesian Ulema Council (MUI).

In our context, the Secretary-General of the MUI added, there is no need to be too grandiose. But within the scope of our country alone. If you want to make MUI meaningful and have a significant role, then the Information and Communication Division (Infokom) of MUI has a very important and strategic role. Namely how the Infokom Commission can disseminate information about the work and activities of the MUI and the various products it produces to the wider community. So that the public will be able to get to know MUI and implement the products and recommendations it produces. Such as mui fatwas on halal consumer products and various recommendations for the benefit of national and state life.

Therefore, it is clear that the Infokom National Coordination Meeting (Rakornas) is very important in order to consolidate, make and design directions that will be carried out in the future. It also strengthens institutional and community information networks in order to achieve the goals that have been stated.

Meanwhile, the Head of the MUI Infocom, Drs. KH. Masduki Baidlowi, M.Si., said, "This National Coordination Meeting activity is a very important form of consolidation to be carried out together, starting from the Central MUI to all Regional MUIs, provincial to city and district levels. Because as long as we receive a lot and face the wrong information and even the wrong info."

There are many hoaxes and even slander, he explained again, which occur in the community with such information conditions. Unfortunately they, as Muslims, can be said to be unable to distinguish between true and false or false information.


As a result, there is a condition of society called "Post-truth", post-truth. Namely the condition of spreading information where the lies are more numerous than the truth. The data mentioned does have little truth, but the analysis and opinions added are even developed more. So there is information bias. A news story is considered true, even though it is biased, even false and false. In turn it will harm our people and society as well.

Then of course steps are needed for clarification and tabayyun. Therefore, there is a need for coordination and a system to counteract and straighten out the information bias that occurs.

Of course, a solid network is also needed among us in this institution of the people. In the phrase put forward from Ali ibn Talib it is stated, "Al-haqqu bilan-nizhom yaghlibuhul-bathilu bin-nizhom". Truths that are not well won will undoubtedly be defeated by well-organized spirituality.

Well, the MUI Infokom National Coordination Meeting held is intended to strengthen the solidity of our network to all regions, for the benefit of the people from possible information bias that occurs.

This scholar explained again, in this Rakornas, among other things, we also want to take lessons from the information system created and developed by LPPOM MUI, which has also been enshrined in this Rakornas.

"Indeed, in information related to halal, there has also been a bias of information that comes to the fore about the halal certificate of a product," said Dr. Ir. Lukmanul Hakim about his experience facing cases about hoax information related to halal.

It seems that there are certain parties who make hoaxes or even spread slander related to the halalness of products that have been certified halal by LPPOM MUI. Thus the Director of LPPOM MUI added his explanation.

Developing a Solid and Synergistic System

However, Alhamdulillah, with an information and communication system that is created and developed together solidly and synergistically, to reach the provincial LPPOM MUI level, various hoax and slanderous information can be prevented together.

Thus, a solid and synergistic network of information and communication, God willing, will be able to eliminate the impact of hoax and slander information from irresponsible parties.

Meanwhile, Prof. Dr.. KH. Ma'ruf Amin explained, the task of the MUI as khodimul-ummah, protecting people from various possible hoax information. Also as Shodiqul-hukumah, the government's partner in socialization and public education with constructive information and communication.

So, "The National Coordination Meeting of Infokom is very important to implement the tasks carried out by the MUI," said the Chairman of the MUI in his remarks as well as officially opening the Rakornas.

Carrying the theme "Mui National Consolidation facing Information Disruption" the MUI Infocom National Coordination Meeting was held on 15-17 July 2019 in Jakarta, and was attended by participants from the MUI Infocom field at the provincial level throughout Indonesia. (USM)

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