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Jakarta – The government has launched the enactment of Law (UU) No. 33 Of 2014 concerning Halal Product Guarantee (JPH) at the end of 2019, after going through a five-year transition period, since it was passed in 2014. Some time ago, the President has also signed Government Regulation (PP) No. 31 Of 2019, as a regulation for the implementation of the JPH Law.

With the enactment of the JPH Law, halal provisions that were previously "voluntary", based on the willingness and willingness of producers or companies that produce consumer products, become "mandatory". As an obligation that must be fulfilled by all employers, without discrimination. With regard to the mandatory or mandatory nature stipulated by the law, it raises a crucial point for owners of micro, small and medium enterprises (MSMEs). Namely the issue of financing.

Taking into account the obstacles that were felt to be severe, the Institute for the Study of Food, Medicines and Cosmetics of the Indonesian Ulema Council (LPPOM MUI), showed concern and provided alternative solutions. Among other things, by establishing cooperation and signing a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with Islamic banks, in order to help in the aspect of financing halal certification (SH) for MSME entrepreneurs.

"The signing of the MoU with BRI Syariah and BNI Syariah is a form of concern and alternative solutions as well as LPPOM MUI's efforts to help in the aspect of financing halal certification for MSME entrepreneurs," said Dr. Ir. Lukmanul Hakim, M.Si., Director of LPPOM MUI.

Meanwhile, Kokok Alun Akbar, Commercial Business Director of BRIsyariah explained that the two parties agreed to make a Memorandum of Understanding regarding the Provision and Utilization of Sharia Banking Services for LPPOM MUI MSME partners. This is the right step for both parties, especially for LPPOM MUI, considering that BRIsyariah is a pioneering Islamic bank for Sharia People's Business Credit (KUR) in Indonesia.

BRIsyariah, he explained again, collaborates with LPPOM MUI in several ways including helping to improve the quality of products of micro, small and medium enterprises that are partners of LPPOM MUI which currently numbers approximately 57 thousand MSMEs spread throughout Indonesia, through the provision of financing facilities for service products and services in BRIsyariah.

He added that this financing facility was given especially to LPPOM MUI MSME partners who were applying for halal certification, as well as BRIsyariah helping to socialize related to halal certification for other MSMEs. "MUI is well known for its halal certification methods and processes in the world, so if BRIsyariah cooperates, of course, it will open more MSME partners for LPPOM MUI," alun said again.

Through this cooperation, God willing, it can provide a blessed advantage for both parties, in accordance with the vision of BRIsyariah: to become a leading modern retail bank with a variety of financial services. This is also in line with bri's master plan which has been launched halal mall. This was explained by the Director of Commercial Business of BRIsyariah on the occasion of signing the MoU with the Director of LPPOM MUI. (USM)

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