Bank Indonesia: RPH Halal Certification Is The First Pillar of the Halal Product Ecosystem

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Bank Indonesia, represented by the Deputy Director, Department of Economics and Sharia Finance of Bank Indonesia, M. Irfan Sukarna, appreciated the holding of the LPPOM MUI Shawwal Festival. This was conveyed in the “Closing Ceremony of the LPPOM MUI 1444 H Syawal Festival “on Thursday (8/6).

According to Irfan, this event is very relevant to the development of the current national Islamic economy and finance, particularly encouraging the provision of infrastructure for the halal industrial ecosystem by accelerating halal certification. LPPOM MUI, as the Halal Inspection Body (LPH), has consistently assisted MSME business actors by facilitating free halal certification.

“Bank Indonesia itself has an important role in supporting the Islamic finance economy in Indonesia in 2023. It consists of 3 pillars: strengthening the halal product ecosystem, strengthening Islamic finance, and strengthening halal. The halal certification itself is part of the first pillar of the halal product ecosystem, where Bank Indonesia has the first strategy to strengthen the supply of halal products. Within this pillar, there is an acceleration of halal certification for RPH (Slaughterhouse), RPHU (Poultry Slaughterhouse), and JULEHA (Halal Slaughterhouse), as well as the provision of affordable halal raw material stores,” said Irfan.

Furthermore, Irfan added another pillar, namely strengthening the halal certification process with adequate infrastructure and increasing the reliability of the halal product assurance information system.

And the last pillar, according to him, is strengthening applicative research and halal education by increasing the use of technology to support the halal assurance system and collaborating with related agencies and several universities in Indonesia.

Meanwhile, the former Senior Analyst at the BI Sharia Banking Directorate revealed that Bank Indonesia would continue to carry out several ongoing programs and activities to facilitate halal certification in various regions within the scope of representative offices.

Most recently, the “Bank Indonesia Sharia Economic Festival” event in May 2023 launched a free halal certification program (SEHATI) for more than 1,000 MSME business actors in the eastern part of Bank Indonesia’s office area.

Bank Indonesia also has a program to support halal centers at several universities in various regions of Indonesia and other flagship programs.

“With the end of the LPPOM MUI 1444 H Syawal Festival, it is hoped that it can become an inspiration and reference to encourage programs and activities to accelerate halal certification for business actors, including RPH in Indonesia. It is hoped that this acceleration will run smoothly and be able to make a real contribution in improving the sharia economy in Indonesia and encourage the achievement of Indonesia’s vision of becoming the center of the world’s leading halal industry,” concluded Irfan. (***)

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