Three Reasons Why Products that Claim to be Vegan Need to be Tested

Based on The National Agency of Drug and Food Control (BPOM) Act No. 31 of 2018, vegans do not consume food from animals and processed products derived from meat, fish, eggs, milk, or honey. The increasing interest in vegan consumption day by day has spurred manufacturers to launch various vegan products, especially food and drinks. Awareness of the vegan lifestyle is triggered by multiple reasons, such as health awareness, concern for animals, concern for the environment, widespread availability of vegan products, and innovations that attract consumers.

BPOM regulations require including a vegan logo and/or vegan writing by ensuring that processed food does not contain animal-based food ingredients and processed products, including honey. This must be proven by deoxyribonucleic acid (DNA) analysis. Meanwhile, animal DNA analysis is carried out by accredited laboratories or laboratories appointed by the government.

“There are at least three reasons a product that claims to be vegan needs to undergo vegan testing and animal DNA testing. Vegan testing and animal DNA testing can prevent consumers from being scammed. Apart from that, consumers of vegan products have high respect and concern for animals,” explained LPPOM MUI Laboratory Expert Dr. H. Priyo Wahyudi, M.Si.

This DNA testing is also a form of verification of contamination of animal food ingredients in the imported-dominated ingredient supply chain. In addition, animal DNA testing is part of the quality control system to verify the absence of animal ingredients in processed food products on an ongoing basis.

To answer the need for verified vegan products, the LPPOM MUI Laboratory provides vegan testing and animal DNA testing services. This test will likely make it easier for business actors to comply with regulations for including vegan labels, increase product value, protect consumers, and guarantee brand reputation. Complete information regarding this test can be accessed on the website

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