Ichiban Sushi Gets Halal Certificate

That is good news for Japanese foodies. The row of halal Japanese food restaurants is now increasing. Now, it is Ichiban Sushi restaurant from PT. Panca Boga Paramita is present under the auspices of the Eatwell Culinary Group. This restaurant obtained a halal certificate with the number ID00410001350280223 on March 16, 2023. The ceremonial embedding of the halal logo was carried out on March 31, 2023, at Ichiban Sushi restaurant, Kuningan City Mall, Jakarta.

According to the Head of the Indonesian Ministry of Religion’s Halal Product Assurance Agency (BPJPH), Dr. H. Muhammad Aqil Irham, M.Si, the presence of Halal-certified Ichiban Sushi can guarantee certainty, security and protection for consumers to consume halal products.

“Alhamdulillah, with the halal logo displayed and the halal certificate number, it means that God willing, from the consumer’s point of view, it is safe. From the producer side, hopefully, this will add value to their products so that more consumers will come here and in several other places,” explained Aqil.

Halal Partnership and Audit Services Director of LPPOM MUI, Dr. Ir. Muslich, M.Si, stated that the halal certificate was an achievement from the excellent implementation of the Halal Product Assurance System (SJPH). This achievement is an achievement because it can only be achieved with the commitment and hard work of the Ichiban Sushi team to ensure halal consistency. This will become an internal guarantee for the Eatwell Culinary Group to maintain the halal production process even though there are dynamics in the form of additions so that they can add new content and menus.

The achievement of this halal certification will become a separate part of the factors that support the growth and development of the Ichiban Sushi restaurant, as well as its products which are increasingly accepted by the public. From a business point of view, however, this halal certification is one of the foundations because this is regulation, so it is only possible for business people to have regulations, so there is an excellent foundation because it has been certified halal. Congratulations on this achievement. Hopefully, this will bring blessings to the Eatwell Culinary Group and all of us,” said Muslich.

Vice President Operation Mustarofah Ahmad revealed that the Eatwell Culinary Group oversees three restaurant brands: Ta Wan, Dapur Solo, and Ichiban Sushi. It emphasizes its continuous commitment to providing the best for consumers. Since post-COVID-19, Eatwell Culinary Indonesia has made innovations, outlet designs, and all kinds of changes, including one of which has become the point of view, namely halal certification. Everything has been officially certified halal.

“With halal certification, we are confident to expand our restaurant to places with a strong Muslim base, such as Aceh and Padang. I want to thank all of the internal Eatwell Culinary Indonesia team and the BPJPH and LPPOM MUI teams,” said Ofa.

On the same occasion, Deputy Chairperson of the Institute for Cultural Arts and Islamic Civilization of the Indonesian Council of Ulama (LSBPI MUI), Ustadz Erick Yusuf, as one of the speakers, emphasized that this halal certificate is essential because if there are haram elements in food it can cause bodily and spiritual diseases.

According to him, the consumption of unclean food can also be a reason for closing the doors of heaven so that the prayers cannot be answered. Halal certification can also be a saviour for many people because consumers no longer have doubts about the ingredients in the restaurant.

Currently, Ichiban Sushi products can already be confirmed as halal. You can check its validity via the website or the Halal MUI application, which can be downloaded on the Google Playstore. (ZUL)

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