The Important Role of Halal Supervisors

According to Law No. 33 of 2014 concerning Halal Product Assurance Act, the understanding of halal supervisor is the person responsible for the Halal Product Process (PPH). In Article 24 point C, the Company is required to have a Halal Supervisor.

Meanwhile, Article 28 of the Halal Product Assurance Act states that one of the requirements of Halal Supervisors is to have broad insight and understand the Shari’a about halal matters. In addition, the provisions of halal supervisors are also regulated in Minister of Religion Regulation (PMA) No. 26 of 2019 concerning the Implementation of Halal Product Assurance stated:

– Article 78 paragraph (3), Halal Supervisor must follow the Halal Supervisor Certification Training,

– Article 81 paragraph (2) concerning the Cooperation of The Halal Product Assurance Agency (BPJPH) with the Indonesia Council of Ulama (MUI) regarding the implementation of the Halal Supervisor Certification Training, in item (c) it is mentioned that the implementation of the Halal Supervisor Certification competency test.

Halal supervisor or previously referred to in HAS 23000 is called Internal Halal Auditor (AHI) / Internal Halal Auditor Coordinator (KAHI) plays an important role in:

  1. Overseeing the process of halal products in the company;
  2. Determine corrective and preventive actions,
  3. Coordinating the Halal Production Process (PPH); and
  4. Accompanying Halal Auditors of Halal Examination Institution (LPH) at the time of examination.

What are the benefits for a Company Having a Certified Halal Supervisor?

With halal supervisors who have competency certificates, the company has three main advantages, including: 

1. Halal Supervisor Competency Guarantee as a company asset in implementing Halal System Assurance.

2. Consistency of halal products produced by the presence of Competent Halal Supervisors.

3. Fulfillment of JPH ActArticle 24 Point C.

How to become a Certified Halal Supervisor?

In accordance with Regulation of the Minister of Religion (PMA) No. 26 of 2019 concerning Implementation of Halal Product Assurance Article 81 paragraph (2) above, the Halal Supervisor Competency Certification is carried out by the Indonesia Council of Ulama (MUI).

In this case, MUI mandated the task to the MUI Professional Certification Agency (LSP MUI). This institution is a LSP Party 2 that can certify the network of its parent institutions, the MUI. LSP MUI obtained a License from BNSP with Decree No. 0192/BNSP/II/2020.

LSP MUI made a certification scheme for Halal Supervisor job positions with reference to SKKNI No. 215 of 2016 Halal Product Guarantee. In the Halal Supervisor job certification scheme, a certification fee of Rp2,400,000 is explained with a validity period of 2 (two) years, basic requirements, certification procedures, and an appeal process.

The certificate issued by LSP MUI is an official certificate from the state and there is a hologram at the top of the certificate. 

For more information related to LSP MUI, Halal Sector can be done through:

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