Meat Slaughter for Offerings


Dr. K.H. Maulana Hasanuddin, M.A (Deputy Chairperson of the Central MUI Fatwa Commission)

Drs. H. Sholahudin Al-Aiyubi, M.Si. (Wakil Sekertaris Jendral Komisi Fatwa MUI Pusat)


Assalamualaikum warahmatullah 

Indonesia is incorporated from various regions which have different traditions. Some traditions are related to certain beliefs. Not a few of them are mixing religion with certain rituals that cause unrest in the midst of modern society today.

In my area, for example, we routinely conducting traditional ceremonies in the form of joint prayers led by a prominent cleric, asking Allah Almighty. So that the water source in the area is not dry. However, in the ceremony also carried out the slaughter of buffalo or cow.

Slaughter is done according to religious law, namely by reading “Basmalah” and so on. But the buffalo or cow’s head is then planted as an offering to the “Watcher” who is considered to live near the water source. This is done with the understanding that the “Watcher” does not interfere and / or hinder / reduce the flow of water that comes out of the source. While the buffalo meat or beef from the slaughter is cooked and eaten with the residents.

Seeing from the tradition, how is the halal meat slaughtered? 

Wassalamualaikum wr. wb.

Mutiara, Central Java


The initial principle, if the requirements and harmony are met in accordance with the provisions of sharia, the slaughter is legal. In the MUI Fatwa on Animal Slaughtering, the Standards for Slaughtered Animals are animals that can be eaten; must be in a state of life when slaughtered (hayatun mustaqirrah); and must meet animal health standards set by authorized institutions.

The requirements or standards for slaughtering or those who slaughter animals must be Muslim, already aqil baligh, and understand the procedures for slaughter must be sharp, and the tool is not in the form of nails, teeth / fangs, or bones. If the slaughter is done sharia law, then it means the animal’s body is slaughtered halal for consumption.

The following are the standard provisions in the slaughter process, namely:

  1. Slaughter is carried out with the intention of slaughtering and calling Asma Allah (Basmalah);
  2. Slaughter is done by flowing blood through cutting 4 (four) channels, namely the food channel (let’s’ / esophagus), respiratory tract / throat (hulqum / trachea), and two blood vessels (wadajain / jugular veins and carotids arteries);
  3. Slaughter is done once and quickly;
  4. Ensuring the flow of blood and / or movements of animals as a sign of animal life (hayah mustaqirrah); and
  5. Ensure the death of animals caused by the slaughter.

Regarding the intention and hope in slaughtering animals by saying “Bismillahi Allahu Akbar”, then in zhohiri it can be said that slaughtering animals because Allah is not because of other than Allah. While implanting the slaughtered animal’s head is another act that is separate or separate. The act does not affect the halal status of the meat of animals that have been slaughtered by saying “Basmalah”.

In Islam, planting animal heads for offerings or sacrifices, is unlawful and includes acts of shirk because of serving other than Allah. If it is done to fulfill the desires of the Jin or Satan called the “Watcher” it is clearly a form of real polytheism, violating Aqeedah Tauhidullah, which is prohibited in Religion. As if there are other beliefs besides God, that to avoid interference, to be saved, often ask for help and protection from Jin and Satan, by giving offerings. Not asking God.

In facing life’s problems or difficulties, God commands us as believers, so that only God asks for help by carrying out God’s commands while trying to overcome the difficulties faced with patience.

Traditions or customs carried out by the community are contrary to the provisions of sharia, so the wrong tradition must be abandoned. Therefore, we must improve traditions or customs such as planting heads for offerings or sacrifices. We must follow the teachings of the Prophet, with his glorious sunnah when we experience difficulties such as lack of water, then ask Allah to do Istisqo Prayer. Praying sunnah to ask water or rain from Allah. In the hadith it says: “The Holy Prophet, out to the field. He asked God for rain by facing the Qibla, then reversed his shawl, then prayed two rak’ahs.” (Narrated by Bukhari).

If the head of a cow or buffalo can be enjoyed together with the prayer council, dhikr, asking for help and protection from God it is alms or charity that God willing will be able to refuse reinforcements’ and disaster. In the hadith it says: “Hurry charity, for disaster ‘can never precede alms. Buy all your difficulties with alms. Treat your illness with alms. Alms is something magical. Sadaqah rejected 70 kinds of disaster and disaster, and the mildest was leprosy and hairpiece disease (vitiligo).” (Narrated by Baihaqi and Thabrani). (USM)

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