The Prophet Muhammad as Role Model of Moslem

By: Dr. H.M. Ma’rifat Iman, MA.

The Deputy Secretary of MUI Fatwa (Periode 2015-2020)

Rabi’ul Awwal’s momentum reminds us of a historical record. That is, according to historical documents, a special agenda is a kind of commemoration of the Prophet’s birthday. It starts from the time of Commander Sholahuddin Al-Ayyubi. At that time, the Islamic army he led experienced a decline in the spirit of jihad in the Crusades expelled the enemy who controlled part of the Arab states. Therefore, this commander thinks hard, how can he inspire his troops. Sholahuddin also held a commemoration of the Birthday of the Prophet Muhammad which presents about the history of the struggle of the Prophet with his companions who numbered very few, faced the many infidels and persistently obstructed the preaching of Islam. However, with the spirit of jihad in the path of Allah who is sincere because of Allah, Allah also helped to win the struggle of the Prophet Muhammad.

In our time now, the commemoration of the Prophet’s birthday. this remains relevant for all of us to evoke the spirit of da’wah and jihad fi sabilillah, the struggle to uphold the Word of Allah in a broader form. Not only physical jihad in the sense of war, although in other parts of the world is also demanded struggle or even physical war, as in Palestine facing the Jews who colonized the Muslim country.

In our context here, precisely what is needed is jihad of thought (jihad al fikr) and jihad of knowledge, considering the rapid development of science and technology, demanding us Muslims to mobilize the spirit of jihad in this field, so as not to be left behind by the infidels. It also includes jihad in the moral field, given the conditions of moral decadence that are increasingly concerned in some communities. Especially when remembering the Prophet Muhammad sent among others to perfect noble morals, “Li-utammima makarimal-akhlak”.

In the hadith of the Prophet saw. mentioned: “Indeed I was sent only to perfect the noble morals (akhlakul-karimah).” (HR. Al-Baihaqi).

The commemoration of birthday of the Prophet is held so that the people emulate the honorable morals of the Prophet. The Qur’an has confirmed in the verse that it means: “And you are truly a man of outstanding character.” (QS. 68: 4).

Halal Jihad

Jihad also leads to living and developing a halal life for oneself, family, and society. Jihad refers to Prophet Muhammad who has provided guidance as well as real role models in living the life of this mortal world. That is to avoid anything that is suspicious, ambiguous, doubtful, or unclear halal. Especially what is forbidden in religion. So obviously, as believers of the Prophet and the Messenger, seeking halal sustenance is a must, consuming halal and implementing behavior and lifestyle in halal ways.

When a Muslim realizes what is guided and exemplified by the Prophet Muhammad in the hadith then he will be able to keep the honor from reproach and keep himself from falling into the forbidden. Since he has also said, “Whoever is careful / protects himself from suspicion then indeed he has taken care of his religion and honor.”

In the complete hadith mentioned, it was narrated from Abu ‘Abdillah An-Nu’man bin Basyir to say, “I heard the Prophet Muhammad said, “The Halal and Haram is explained clearly, most people do not know it, then whoever guards himself from that vague, means he has saved his religion and honor, and whoever falls into a vague territory then he has fallen into an forbidden territory, like a shepherd who herds in around the forbidden area, then he almost fell into it. Remember that every king has a prohibition and remember that God’s prohibition of anything He forbids. Remember that in the body there is a piece of meat if it is good then the whole body is good and if it is damaged then Destroy the whole body. Know that the lump of flesh is the heart. ” [HR. Bukhari no. 52, Muslim no. 1599].

Wara’  Means Meticulous

A very clear example of Wara’ is from the Prophet Muhammad, he was very meticulous, and keep himself away from everything that is worried comes from things that are suspicious or haram.

It was narrated from Abu Hurairah and Abdullah bin ‘Umar to quote a hadith from the Prophet Muhammad, “One night the Prophat Muhammad was hard to sleep. Then his wife asked, “What makes the Prophet sallallaahu ‘alaihi wa sallam cannot sleep?” the Prophet Muhammad also replied: “Indeed I found under my shoulder a date, so I ate, while on our side there are dates from alms dates (zakat), then I am afraid if the dates are dates from alms.” (HR. Ahmad from Abdullah bin ‘Umar).

In another narration it is stated: “I once came to see my family. Then I got a date falling on my bed. I took it to eat. Then I was worried if the date was a charity date, then I put the date again. “

Besides for himself, He saw. also trying to keep his grandson away from eating something illegal. He forbade his grandson to eat just one date from alms – while alms is forbidden for his family – and warned his grandson. It was also narrated by Abu Hurairah: “(When) Hasan (grandson of the Prophet saw.) (Still small), he once took a date from the date of alms (zakat), and then put it (into) his mouth, then the Prophet saw. ordered: Kikh kikh. “Throw it out!.” to throw it away then he said: “Do you not feel that we do not eat alms.” (HR. Al-Bukhari from Abi Hurairah).

Another narration says: Al-Hasan bin Ali told Abul Haura’ that when he was a child, he once took a date from a date of alms, and then ate it. Seeing this, his grandfather, the Prophet Muhammad immediately removed the date from Al-Hasan’s mouth and threw it away. Then someone asked the Prophet Muhammad, “What is the problem, O Rasulullah, when this little boy eats the date?” the Prophet replied: “Indeed, we, the family of Muhammad, are not halal to eat the alms.”

In this case, it should be known and presented again, the Prophet Muhammad, his family and descendants are forbidden to receive alms and zakat, but may receive gifts.

Subhanallah, how exemplary the Prophet Muhammad was extraordinary. Even a date must be taken care of with a wara’ attitude, very careful, for himself a noble person, as well as for all his family. Including his grandson who is still a child. Allahumma fasholli wa sallim ‘alayka ya Rasulallah. How often we neglect this aspect of halal consumption. Thus, give us the ability, O Allah, to be able to imitate your footsteps, O Prophet.

In another hadith, the Prophet saw. said with the meaning: “Be you a pious person ‘, you will surely be the most devout human being.” (HR. Al-Baihaqi in Syu’abil-Iman from Abi Hurairah number 5750, also issued by Ibn Majah 4217).

Such wara’ practices and practices of life, very careful of everything that is considered doubtful, let alone what is forbidden in Islam, as exemplified by the Prophet saw. and the whole family, must also be followed wholeheartedly by every Muslim, all of us, who want safety and good for children and families. Love does not mean obeying their every request and request, giving everything, they want, to go beyond or violate the boundaries of the Lord of the whole universe. Explaining this, Ath-Thibi (in Faidhul Qadir, 3/529) states.” (USM)

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