LPPOM MUI Welcomes the Formation of ALPHI to Encourage the Acceleration of Halal Certification

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To encourage the acceleration of halal certification in Indonesia, the government opens up space for the public to establish a Halal Inspection Body (LPH). This law is under the regulation of Government No. 39 of 2021 concerning the Implementation of the Halal Product Assurance Act. Seeing the rapid growth of LPH, the need to form an LPH association forum is essential as an effort to accelerate the realization of the target of halal certification in Indonesia.

The Association of Indonesian Halal Inspection Body (ALPHI) was formed and declared at the 2023 ALPHI National Conference (Munas), attended by 28 LPHs in a hybrid manner, both online and offline, at the MUI Building, Jakarta. The President Director of LPPOM MUI, Muti Arintawati, supported the formation.

The result of the National Conference session was the official formation of ALPHI. Elvina Agustin Rahayu was elected as the general chairperson of ALPHI from the Thoyyiban Halal Inspection and Halal Studies Institute (LPH-KHT) PP Muhammadiyah for two years, namely 2023 to 2025. 

“On behalf of the executors of this activity, LPPOM MUI, PT SUCOFINDO, and PT SURVEYOR INDONESIA, we congratulate the elected Chairperson of ALPHI. We will continue to support you in carrying out our duties as LPH. In particular, making LPH, under the auspices of ALPHI, become LPH which is both advanced, reliable and trustworthy. This is also our goal,” said Muti, who serves as Chair of the 2023 ALPHI National Conference Committee.

ALPHI Chairperson Elvina Agustin Rahayu expressed her gratitude for the trust given and hoped that ALPHI would be able to become a forum for cooperation and solidarity among LPH members in supporting the Indonesian and global halal ecosystem.

“The existence of ALPHI also able to maximize the synergy among BPJPH as a regulator, LPH as a halal product inspector, and MUI as a cleric who gives halal fatwas, as well as other parties, namely Training Institutions, Professional Certification Institutions, facilitators, and business actors in Indonesia and foreign countries. This collaboration with various parties is to make Indonesia the center of the world’s halal industry in 2024,” said Elvina.

Furthermore, Elvina expects that ALPHI will also be able to improve LPH’s competence, integrity, capacity and reliability so that it is consistent in carrying out commitments, as well as maintaining professionalism, independence and integrity in carrying out product halal inspection activities.

In the future, Elvina expects the presence of ALPHI in the halal industry to support convenience, security, and safety and guarantee the availability of halal products for the public to consume and use. This is also in line with the declaration read directly by Elvina at the 2023 ALPHI National Conference session.

Meanwhile, the Chairman of the Indonesian Council of Ulama (MUI) for Fatwa M. Asrorun Ni’am said that the establishment of ALPHI aligns with the government’s target to become a world halal center in 2024. We hope to be part of the catalyst to accelerate the target of realizing Halal certification in Indonesia.

“ALPHI will be able to be a forum for strengthening halal da’wah. It is also expected that ALPHI will be able to fill deficiencies into strengths, equalize perceptions regarding the halal inspection model, cooperate between LPHs, and commit to close ranks in halal da’wah,” said Asrorun. (***) 

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