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After completing all travel documents, the company and the selected auditors can conduct an audit at the designated facility. After that, monitoring the results of the audit or so-called post audit monitoring can be done through Cerol-SS23000.

This is a monitoring process after an audit of all data that has been submitted in the process of submitting data for halal certification requirements is carried out. The company must make revisions or improvements to the product data so that it can pass the post audit stage if during the audit something is found that does not meet the requirements.

At this stage, the company can see the results of the evaluation given by LPPOM MUI regarding the follow-up to product data that has not passed the audit process. Then, the company is required to make revisions or improvements to the products that have been audited.

Companies can see the results of the evaluation from the relevant section of LPPOM MUI on HAS criteria data that require revision or improvement. The company is declared to have passed the post audit when it has been completed and has successfully carried out the updating process of product data that must be revised or corrected.

The next stage, the products and the audit results will be brought to the MUI Fatwa Commission meeting. The company can monitor this process via the Cerol-SS23000. Fatwa monitoring is the process of monitoring the results of fatwa commission meetings on product and material data that have passed the post audit monitoring process. Companies can see information on the results of the Fatwa Commission meeting regarding the final decision whether the product data submitted by the company holds the title of passing or not passing the halal certification process.

After the company completes all stages of the halal certification registration process, then the company is just waiting for the halal certificate to be issued. The halal certificate will be issued by the relevant division of LPPOM MUI based on the decision of the Fatwa Commission Meeting regarding whether or not the materials and products submitted by the company are halal.

All halal certification processes are recorded in Cerol-SS23000. Therefore, companies can see the history of the entire halal certification process that has been done well. However, that does not mean that all halal certification processes have stopped. After completing the halal certification process, companies are required to submit periodic reports based on the facility every six months after the company conducts an internal audit process at the facility.

To make it easier to use the Cerol-SS23000, there are five tips and tricks that you can try, including:

1.      Learn the Manual Guide Cerol v3.0.

2.      Prepare the data before uploading the documents (should not be more than 8 MB).

3.      Data processing.

4.      Make sure the data uploaded is the correct data.

5.      Inquire the Cerol Service for further information. (*)

5.Ask the Cerol Service team if you find any difficulties. (*)

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