Monitor the MUI Halal Certification Process at Cerol-SS23000


The companies can carry out various halal certification processes by using Cerol-SS23000 . Registration, uploading documents, monitoring the halal certification process, to downloading halal certificates can be processed simpler. The previous article discussed the types of documents required in the halal certification process. Cerol-SS23000 will save the data after all data is uploaded. 

LPPOM MUI is obliged to conduct a pre audit. At this stage, LPPOM MUI checks the validity and conformity of these documents with the requirements for halal certification. If there is a shortage, the LPPOM MUI team will inform the matter via Cerol-SS23000. The company can monitor the pre-audit process through the Cerol-SS23000 account. In addition, companies can also make adjustments to documents that are weaknesses or notes from LPPOM MUI. This process is declared complete after all the required documents for halal certification submitted by the company have passed the pre-audit (pass all). The next step that must be done by the company is making the contract payment. The Finance Department of LPPOM MUI will send an invoice for the contract payment through the Cerol system. Then the company can pay the invoice bill. 

The finance Department of LPPOM MUI will verify and approve the contract payment data that has been submitted by the company. The company can carry out the audit schedule submission process, if approval has been obtained in completing the pre-audit monitoring process and the contract payment submission process. The Scheduling Section of LPPOM MUI will send the audit scheduling scheme plan data for the company through the Cerol system. The companies are encouraged to record information on the availability dates of auditors who will later be selected as the audit schedule for each facility, so that the company will find it easier to select audit dates. After both parties agree on the predetermined audit schedule, the company can submit travel documents for the assigned auditor. (*)

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