Minister of Finance Ensures Free Halal Certification Process for MSEs

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Minister of Finance Sri Mulyani Indrawati ensures that the halal product certification process for micro, small enterprises (MSEs) will not be charged or free of charge.

"If the tariff is imposed," he said after attending a meeting on halal products at the Coordinating Ministry for Economic Affairs in Jakarta, Wednesday (8/1/2020).

In addition to zero tariffs, the former Managing Director of the World Bank also revealed that the government will simplify the process from registration to halal certificates in the hands of business actors.

Even so, Sri Mulyani has not provided details of the budget that will be issued to provide subsidies in the form of zero tariffs in managing the certification of halal products.

He said that the estimated budget for zero tariffs would be calculated by the Halal Product Assurance Organizing Agency (BPJPH).

"But the implementation to reach up to millions of small businesses is what it looks like, it will be discussed later," he added.

On the same occasion, Director General of Treasury Andin Hadiyanto said provisions related to the zero tariff are still being discussed, including the budget for the subsidy.

"Whether he is subsidized in the Public Service Agency (BLU) or if it is lacking later the Ministry of Finance can step in. Anyway, the point is how we facilitate small and medium-sized businesses," he said.

In addition to Sri Mulyani, the meeting related to product certification was also attended by the Minister of Religious Affairs, Minister of Religious Affairs Fachrul Razi.

"I was talking about halal certificates," Fachrul said briefly before leaving the Kemko Ekonomi building.


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