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As an institution that carries out three important tasks, namely as shodiqul hukumah (government partner), khadimul ummah (servant of the people) and himayatul ummah (protector of the people), the Indonesian Ulema Council (MUI) always mobilizes all its potential and resources to support the Government’s efforts to make Indonesia the halal center of the world.

This was conveyed by the Deputy Chairman of MUI, Dr. Basri Barmanda in his remarks at the 47th Milad of MUI which took place on July 26, 2022 at the Sultan Hotel Jakarta. The 47th Milad of the MUI carries the theme of Knitting Unity and Strength in Diversity.

In the presence of Indonesian Vice President Ma’ruf Amin and a number of high-ranking state officials, political party leaders, the Ambassador of Saudi Arabia and representatives of embassies from friendly countries, Basri Barmanda stated that the MUI continues to encourage and support the government to create an ecosystem that fosters the domestic halal industry to be able to compete in the global market.

To achieve this goal, MUI has opened the door to cooperation with all stakeholders in the halal sector to jointly advance Indonesia’s halal industry and market. “Cooperation with all parties is a necessity so that Indonesian halal can continue to develop and become the world’s halal center,” said Basri.

Vice President’s Mandate

In his mandate, the Vice President of the Republic of Indonesia as well as the Chairman of the MUI Advisory Council stated that so far the MUI has carried out its duties as a himayatul ummah, namely protecting the community so that they can make peace in accordance with Islamic teachings and not consume anything that is haram. “The fatwa issued by the MUI is a manifestation of the role and mission of the himayatul ummah, which is to protect the people from the practices of people’s lives that are prohibited in Islam,” said K.H., Ma’ruf Amen.

In addition to carrying out duties and roles as himayatul ummah, MUI also has other important duties, namely as khadimul ummah (servant of the people) and shodiqul hukumah or government partners who provide input and advice to the government. “The MUI has provided a lot of input in the form of fatwas and other recommendations to the government which are then adopted into government policies related to socio-religious aspects in the life of the nation and state,” said the Vice President.

On this occasion, the Vice President also reminded the public to prepare for various crises that are likely to hit the world. The crisis is not only due to COVID-19 in several countries that have not yet subsided but also because of the Russian and Ukrainian wars. “Today the world is facing various challenges as a result of the Ukrainian and Russian wars. We must ensure ourselves are prepared for the energy crisis, food crisis, and financial crisis,” K.H. Ma’ruf Amen.

Series of Activities

A series of activities for the 47th Milad of MUI was held in Jakarta, filled with various activities held offline and online (hybrid). The offline activities were held at the Grand Ballroom of the Sultan Hotel, Jakarta, while the virtual event was attended by provincial and regency/city MUI leaders, regional heads and other participants with a capacity of 2,000 participants.

Chief Executive of the 47th Milad mui, K.H. Cholil Nafis, reported that before the summit in the evening, his party had organized a gathering with the dais and the National Da’wah Halaqah which was attended by young dais and social media influencers. This activity is expected to be a place for discussion and evaluation of the latest condition of the people.

“This year has begun to enter the political year towards the democratic party of the 2024 elections which has the potential to change the conditions of the community. In this situation, the role of the clergy in the unity of the people in the political year is very important so that the people are not divided due to political differences,” said K.H. Cholil Nafis. (FMS)

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