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The Indonesian Council of Ulama (MUI) has reached its 48th year since its establishment on July 26, 1975. In the past 48 years, MUI has continued to strive to do real work by strengthening MUI’s identity as a protector of the people (himayatul ummat) and servant of the people (khodumul ummat) to realize the strengthening of the people (taqwiyatul ummah).

This year, the MUI’s 48th Anniversary Tasyakur event took place on July 26 at Sasana Kriya, Taman Mini Indonesia Indah, East Jakarta, with the theme “Strengthening Unity in the Frame of Diversity Towards a More Prosperous and Dignified Indonesia.”

This theme illustrates that MUI, as a forum for deliberation of Muslim scholars, zu’ama, and scholars in Indonesia, continues to be committed to guiding, fostering, and protecting Muslims throughout Indonesia.

To support the 48th Anniversary of the MUI successful, LPPOM MUI attended the MUI expo. Indonesia’s first and largest Halal Inspection Agency (LPH) was at the booth area to socialize information about halal certification. The presence of LPPOM MUI emphasizes that MUI has a significant role in guaranteeing product halalness.

On this occasion, the LPPOM MUI booth was visited by various parties, ranging from business actors to the ulama, zu’ama, and Muslim scholars. Remember, lecturers and students from various tertiary institutions and other invitees also stopped by to learn about updates on halal certification in Indonesia.

“What has been done by LPPOM MUI so far is a form of our support for MUI in carrying out one of MUI’s duties, namely as himayatul ummat, that is protecting people from unclean products,” explained the Main Director of LPPOM MUI, Muti Arintawati.

Chairman of the MUI 48th Anniversary Committee, Dr. Ir. H. Lukmanul Hakim, M.Si in the opening of the series of events for the 48th Anniversary of the MUI, stated that on the same day at the peak of the 48th Anniversary of the MUI, an Islamic Arts and Culture Congress was held by the Institute for Islamic Arts and Culture and Islamic Civilization (LSBPI MUI).

“MUI’s 48th Anniversary will be a national declaration that will be read together which will be led by the Head of the MUI for Dakwah and Brotherhood Affairs KH Muhammad Cholil Nafis, Lc., MA, Ph.D.” explained Lukmanul.

Meanwhile, KH Muhammad Cholil Nafis, Lc., MA, Ph.D., said this national declaration was a form of MUI’s commitment to maintaining the unity of the people and nation. The head of the MUI for Da’wah and Ukhuwah added that the declaration also strengthened harmony and maintained the nation’s diversity through the agreement on government and state (al-mitsaq al-wathani), the nation’s founder. “Diversity for the Indonesian Ulama Council is inevitable. Because of diversity, we respect each other’s entities and identities,” said Kiai Cholil.

The contents of the declaration, which was read together, emphasized the position of Bhinneka Tunggal Ika and Pancasila in Islamic teachings. The values of Pancasila, said Kiai Cholil, are very close to the Medina Charter, which contains unity in diversity.

LPPOM MUI also supports MUI in efforts to unite the nation by implementing “One Entity.” Of course, this is a joint partner in building this country’s unity and culture of halal civilization. Central LPPOM MUI and 34 Provincial LPPOM MUI agreed to declare Unite as one entity.

“We expect that MUI will continue to be a trusted institution serving Muslims in Indonesia. On this 48th anniversary, we also hope that the MUI’s role in guaranteeing halal products in Indonesia can be increased so that people can safely consume halal products,” said Muti. (ZUL)

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