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The Assessment Institute for Foods, Drugs and Cosmetics, the Indonesian Council of Ulama (LPPOM MUI) succeeded in achieving the National Accreditation Committee (KAN) certificate with the addition of the slaughterhouse (RPH) scope and scope of the United Arab Emirates (UAE) scheme S.2055-2.2016 .

This was decided at the KAN meeting on April 24, 2019 and ratified in a letter dated May 7, 2019. Since the issuance of the KAN certificate, LPPOM MUI has the right to use accreditation symbols or accreditation statements by KAN in the scope of RPH and in accordance with the UAE standard scheme.

The scope of Accreditation for the RPH category for LPPOM MUI, according to the Deputy Director of LPPOM MUI, Ir. Sumunar Jati, further complements the scope of accreditation provided by KAN before. “This means that LPPOM MUI has an additional scope, namely RPH, and has a total scope of accreditation of 15 categories based on UAE standards 2055: 2-2016,” said Sumunar Jati.

Previously, namely in 2018, LPPOM MUI had also received the ISO ISO IEC 17065: 2012 accreditation as a Halal Certification Institution to LPPOM MUI. This certificate is an appraiser ­ the suitability of accreditation requirements for certification of products, goods and services to guarantee certification bodies ­ the person carrying out the certification system ­ report third parties consistently. The standard is used as a reference for accreditation bodies in requiring the operation of certification bodies of products, processes and services.

Meanwhile, in 2016, LPPOM MUI’s halal laboratory has obtained SNI ISO / IEC 17025: 2008 Accreditation certification including testing Porcine DNA Detection using Real-Time PCR with the scope of Meat and Processed Products, Drug/Pharmaceutical Preparations, and Seasonings with numbers accreditation of LP-1040-IDN.  

“With the more complete KAN accreditation of the UAE scheme, our national products can more easily penetrate the world’s halal markets, especially the UAE as halal hubs in the Middle East region,” Sumunar Jati said. (***)

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