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The mandatory halal declared by the government on October 17 2024, applies to food products and the services that handle them. This statement was conveyed by the Director of Halal Partnership & Halal Audit Service LPPOM MUI, Dr. Ir. Muslich, M.Si, in a webinar titled “The Halal Certification Mandatory of Food Products in 2024, What about Warehouse and Logistics Services?” some time ago.

“It is important for business actors in the service sector to be able to prepare for the halal certification process. LPPOM MUI, as one of the Halal Inspection Body (LPH) provides programs that support logistics sector businesses to obtain halal certificates according to the timeline,” explained Muslich.

In the halal industry, logistics handles the flow of materials or products through the supply chain following halal standards. This standard means that the entire chain of handling halal materials/products must be free of impurities that can contaminate halal materials/products. Its scope includes warehousing, transportation, distribution, and production facilities.

On the same occasion, the Chairman of ARPI, Hasanuddin Yasni, said that the activities of the global food supply chain have required food safety to be a top priority to prevent poisoning in types of food distributed abroad. One thing that needs attention is that refrigerated logistics must be halal-certified.

“In the future, all shipping and storage logistics players must have a perfect trace & track. We are very grateful to LPPOM MUI for initiating and taking the initiative to carry out this activity. Hopefully, this activity can provide benefits to logistics businesses to compete in the global arena,” said Hasanuddin.

To realize a halal supply chain in Indonesia, LPPOM MUI, as LPH has prepared various programs to make it easier for business actors to carry out halal certification, especially in the logistics sector. Starting from services, the CEROL-SS23000 online certification system, and so on. The HAS the Gramedia Digital application can purchase 23000-5 Logistics Industry Halal Certification Requirements Book. Further information about halal inspection services can be accessed on the website

In addition, to encourage halal certification in logistics services, LPPOM MUI also held a seminar entitled “How Halal Logistic System Impacts Halal Industry” at the Building of the Indonesian Council of Ulama (MUI), Jakarta. Both collaborate with logistics service associations and communities, namely the Indonesian Cold Chain Association (ARPI) and the National Logistic Community (NLC). (PRIS/YN)

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