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(LPPOM MUI) is solemn in preaching halal to implement Allah’s sharia. This statement was conveyed by the Chairman of the MUI for Halal and Sharia Economics, Drs. KH Sholahuddin Al Aiyub, M.Si., at the 2023 LPPOM MUI National Coordination Meeting on March 7-9, 2023, at the Courtyard Hotel, Bandung.

“Many products go through complex processing processes, making it difficult for us to ensure that they are halal. In this context, LPPOM MUI takes on the role of carrying out a part in the process of guaranteeing the halalness of a product. The chain is very long, starting from examinations, issuing fatwas, educational outreach, and so on,” explained Kiai Aiyub.

According to him, the most fundamental thing is that all parties involved in LPPOM MUI must realize that what they do is part of Allah sharia about halal. That intention must be noticed. It must be constantly renewed so that what is done does have not only an impact on the world but also the hereafter.

Therefore, some principles must be upheld to serve as a standard reminder. Apart from being sincere in setting perspectives on the halal struggle, three things must be the basis for facing the challenges ahead.

As is currently happening, many parties feel the need to be involved in the halal certification process. First, believing that Allah SWT determines the result of every effort made is necessary. This condition means that the preaching of the predecessors since 34 years ago has produced results. The Indonesian Muslim community has also fulfilled the halal guarantee for the products consumed through the Halal Product Assurance Act (UU JPH).

“Because this is a missionary activity, it will not run smoothly. There must be dynamics and challenges. We feel the ups and downs of that challenge lately very much, more and more. The challenge model is different from when LPPOM was first established and now. To deal with it, we only need to make optimal efforts. We leave the results to Allah,” said Kiai Aiyub.

Second, it is necessary to apply a flexible attitude. In the rules of fiqh, the law is closely related to legal reasons. Therefore, when fighting, you have to look at the context that is currently happening so that the policies made can be flexible as long as they do not contradict Allah’s sharia.

Third, solidarity in facing the challenges ahead is vital for LPPOM MUI throughout Indonesia. As Rasulullah said, “Indeed one believer with another believer is like a building, some strengthen some others (HR Bukhari).” The central and provincial LPPOM MUI, too, are a force that mutually reinforces one another. (YN)

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