Kober Mie Is Officially Halal

That is good news for spicy noodle lovers. PT Tiga Arya Inggil gained a halal certificate ID35210003951381222 on June 15, 2023. The ceremonial embedding of the halal logo was carried out on July 7, 2023, at a branch of Kober Mie Sulfat, Malang.

According to Young Expert Policy Analyst, Halal Product Assurance Agency (BPJPH), Ahmad Saubari, expects that other restaurant business actors can follow the halal certification carried out by Kober Mie Resto. This is because this is also regulated in Act No. 33 of 2014.

“This is a good achievement. Hopefully, this will trigger more communities to apply for halal certificates. There are more halal restaurants in Indonesia, [of course]. It will make it easier for consumers to choose halal food,” said Saubari.

National Halal Partnership Manager of LPPOM MUI, Nurul Fajrina, S.TP, appreciates top management’s commitment to providing the resources needed for this halal certification process. He also appreciated the halal team, who worked hard and cooperative during the halal inspection process so that it could run smoothly.

“Congratulations to Kober Mie for achieving the halal certificate, which has been received with the title of very good/excellent. This halal certification is also a form of Kober Mie’s compliance with the regulation of the Halal Product Assurance law, which in 2024 will be mandatory for food products in Indonesia. Thank you for choosing LPPOM MUI as the LPH trusted to conduct the examination. Hopefully, this collaboration will continue,” said Nurul.

Meanwhile, the Operational Manager of Mie Kober Resto, Billy Mario Amara, explained that the halal certification for spicy noodle restaurants generally applies. The certificate covers 30 Kober Mie Resto outlets in Indonesia, production houses, and warehouses.

“Now there are 30 outlets. There are production houses in Java and Bali. Warehouses are in Java and also in Bali. And everything is audited. That’s why it takes quite a long time. The team checks all the details we use to ensure that everything is standard. Even one product consists of many items. Everything must be confirmed as halal,” said Billy.

Apart from that, he says getting the Halal Certificate and Logo has also gone a pretty long way. It starts from the commitment made on September 22, 2022, to other preparatory processes. This proves the company’s commitment to providing halal products according to consumer demands (ZUL).

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