Establishing Friendship, LPPOM MUI Visited Various Halal Stakeholders

The Assessment Institute for Foods, Drugs and Cosmetics Indonesian Council of Ulama (LPPOM MUI) visited various halal stakeholders in Indonesia during January and February 2023. This visit was still part of the series of celebrations for the 34th Anniversary of LPPOM MUI.

This visit was conducted to maintain friendly relations between LPPOM MUI and halal industry stakeholders: government agencies, institutions and associations. More than nine agencies/institutions/associations have been visited. Among them is BPJPH Ministry of Religion (Ministry of Religion Halal Product Guarantee Organizing Agency), BSN (National Standardization Agency), Coordinating Ministry for Economic Affairs, KNEKS (National Committee on Sharia Economics and Finance), Bank Indonesia, Perkosmi (Association of Indonesian Cosmetic Companies), Dinas PPKUKM (Cooperatives, Small and Medium Enterprises Office), PPIH KEMENPERIN (Central for Empowerment of the Halal Industry of the Ministry of Industry), and WALI (Indonesian Franchises and Licenses).

On this occasion, the President Director of LPPOM MUI, Ir. Muti Arintawati, M.Si., explained the existence and role of LPPOM MUI in encouraging the progress of the halal industry in Indonesia. “During 2022, there were 15,273 business actors who submitted applications for halal inspection through LPPOM MUI. This number has increased by 48% from 2021, which amounted to 10,337 business actors. While the number of applications in 2022 reached 15,333 and the number of products was 297,308,” She explained.

Muti also thanked and appreciated the stakeholders who have supported LPPOM MUI in carrying out the entire series of halal certification processes for all company scales, from large, medium, small and micro companies. This includes dealing with export-import requirements for halal products to facilitating halal certification for MSEs.

As is well known, in 2017 and 2018, LPPOM MUI obtained SNI ISO / IEC 17025: 2008 Accreditation Certificates for Halal Laboratories and SNI ISO / IEC 17065: 2012 and UAE 2055:2 for Halal Certification Institutions from the National Accreditation Committee (KAN). This standard is recognised in Indonesia and by the United Arab Emirates Accreditation Agency or ESMA. As of 1 November 2022, LPPOM MUI is also included in the halal certification bodies recognized by the Ministry of Public Health, State of Qatar.

In terms of facilitating halal certification for MSEs, throughout 2022, LPPOM MUI collaborated with 132 partners for halal certification, including banking and government agencies/institutions, which are in the central, provincial and district/city throughout Indonesia. Apart from halal stakeholders, there are also facilitation collaborations with state-owned and private companies. The total number of business actors who have been facilitated is 9,582 business actors. (YN)

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