“Arabiki” is not an Arabic product, then what is that?

Recently, the virtual world has been busy talking about Arabiki. Some audiences immediately associate the term with Arabic even though some product packaging with Arabiciki writing is accompanied by information containing pork. What product exactly is Arabiki?

Arabiki is a sausage brand made in Singapore. The difference is displayed on the packaging with the words chicken or pork. Although some use chicken as raw material, other variants use pork.

In Japanese terms, “arabiki” means coarse ground meat (in English) or rough chopped/grind/mashed (in Indonesian). This diced can be used for meat or other ingredients, such as pepper or coffee. Meat usually comes from beef, chicken, pork, or other animal meat.

Examples of commercial products on the market are Arabiki Beef Sausages or sausages with minced beef. One of them is halal-certified and produced by a manufacturer from Indonesia.

Another variant is Arabiki Chicken Sausages or sausages with chopped chicken meat. Products with similar names also have halal certificates and are produced in Indonesia.

Since the term can refer to various types of meat, as good Muslim consumers, we need to pay close attention to the halal logo and the ingredients list printed on the packaging label.

“If the composition of the ingredients on the packaging label says pork, it means that the ingredients come from or contain pork. Sometimes, products use the name Arabiki Pork Sausages to clarify it, but sometimes they don’t. Therefore, always choose halal-certified products since it is certain that the meat comes from halal sources,” explained Fadila, S.TP, Halal Post Audit Management LPPOM MUI.

Let’s make it a habit for ourselves and our families always to check the halal products that will be consumed. LPPOM MUI has made it easy for consumers to check halal products. Namely through the website or the HalalMUI application, which can be downloaded on the Playstore. Happy Trying! (YN)

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