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The list of halal-certified boba drinks is growing. Now, it comes from a well-known brand, Xing Fu Tang. This beverage product from PT Pelepas Dahaga Indonesia is officially halal certified for all menus and branches in Indonesia from the Halal Product Assurance Organizing Agency (BPJPH) after previously obtaining Halal Provisions from the Indonesian Ulema Council (MUI) with the number LPPOM-00160145460422 which is valid until April 20, 2026.

Xing Fu Tang has gone through various processes to obtain halal certification. Starting from the implementation of the Halal Assurance System (SJH), the selection of materials that meet the criteria, product handling, to reviewing management to ensure the halalness and quality of the drinks.

"Congratulations to PT Pelepas Dahaga Indonesia for the completion of the halal certification process. I believe PT Pelepas Dahaga Indonesia is trying very hard to be able to meet all the required criteria. Obviously, it requires commitment from top management and performance from the team. And this can be done in a short time," explained Halal Partnership and Audit Services Director of LPPOM MUI, Dr. Muslich, M. Si in the handover ceremony of Xing Fu Tang's halal certificate on April 26, 2022.

Not stopping there, PT Pelepas Dahaga Indonesia also managed to pocket the status of a Halal Guarantee System thanks to category A or 'Very Good'. That is, the practice in the outlet shows a very consistent fulfillment of the criteria. Muslich hopes that this can be a capital for Xing Fu Tang to always maintain the halalness of the product during the validity period of the halal certificate.

At the same event, Ali Fauzan, Lc, Young Expert Policy Analyst / Sub-Coordinator in the Sub-Field of Halal Verification and Assessment of Packaging Products in the Field of Halal Product Verification and Assessment, BPJPH Halal Registration and Certification Center said that with a halal certificate, the products produced can be guaranteed safe, healthy, and full of added value.

"This is the purpose of guaranteeing halal products. With this halal product guarantee, we hope that there will be protection for Muslim consumers and the added value of products for business actors, so that Indonesian products can go international," explained Ali.

Meanwhile, the Managing Director of PT. The release of Indonesia's thirst, Vancelia Wiradjaja revealed that halal certificates have an important role in providing comfort and certainty of halalness of their products, so that Muslim consumers can consume safely and serenely.

"This halal certification is proof of Xing Fu Tang's commitment to provide happiness through halal and quality drinks to all Indonesian people, especially considering the very high enthusiasm of the community from the beginning we were present in Indonesia," said Vancelia.

With the characteristic of handmade boba and the distinctive taste of brown sugar, Xing Fu Tang immediately became a favorite of the public when it opened its outlet in Indonesia in 2019. Xing Fu Tang brings a deeper and more complex taste coupled with an inviting aroma compared to the average boba drink. With a distinctive recipe passed down from generation to generation for 60 years, Xing Fu Tang hopes to bring happiness to all his fans in Indonesia. (*)

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