As the COVID-19 virus spread, people began to pay attention to their cleanliness. Start from washing hands, to using a mask. Hand sanitizers are also a highlight and the most practical alternative in maintaining hand hygiene. Especially for people who deal with facilities or public transportation.

Hand sanitizer is used by spraying or pouring liquid hand sanitizer on the entire surface of the hand. Liquid hand sanitizer is believed to ward off viruses and bacterial diseases. However, what is contained in a hand sanitizer? What is the perspective of halalism?

Ir. Nancy Dewi Yuliana, M.Sc, a lecturer in Agricultural Technology at the Bogor Institute of Agriculture as well as a halal auditor at the Assessment Institute for Foods, Drugs and Cosmetics Indonesian Council of Ulama (LPPOM MUI), explained that the active ingredient of hand sanitizer is ethanol. As long as it is not from the khamr industry, the use of alcohol / ethanol is permitted or may be used for external use, such as the hand sanitizer.

“So, ethanol in hand sanitizer products is not a problem,” Nancy said.

Even so, there is something to consider in the content of hand sanitizers, namely the use of glycerin and perfume. Glycerin functions as a moisturizer. This is useful so that the hands do not dry easily when exposed to ethanol. 

Glycerin is a fat derivative. What needs to be underlined is the origin of the fat. If it comes from animals, it must be ensured fat comes from halal animals slaughtered according to sharia.

Furthermore, Nancy explained that perfume or fragrance is also a critical ingredient. There are two types of fragrance, which are derived from natural and synthetic materials. Natural fragrance generally comes from vegetable materials, for example flowers. Processing is usually done physically to take the extract, without the addition of other ingredients. Seeing from the material and the process, it can be said that natural fragrance which is processed like this includes uncritical material.

“While synthetic fragrance is more complex and in terms of halalism can also be included in the category of critical materials. Even though the perfume is for example the scent of flowers, from audit experience it is sometimes also found ingredients to make perfume which is a derivative of fat, “explained Nancy.

Even so, you don’t need to worry about using a hand sanitizer. In addition to the use of ethanol which is safe for external use, now you can also mix your own hand sanitizer. 

Reporting from, you can make a hand sanitizer by mixing 90% alcohol / ethanol with essential oils or aloe vera gel. For the aroma, you can mix it with lemon juice or extract. (YN) 

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