Expanding the Scope of Laboratory Testing, LPPOM MUI Conducts Comparative Studies to BPOM

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The Institute for the Study of Food, Medicines, and Cosmetics of the Indonesian Ulema Council (LPPOM MUI) visited the Chemical and Microbiology Laboratory of the National Drug and Food Testing Development Center (PPPOMN), Food and Drug Supervisory Agency (BPOM) in Jakarta on May 24, 2022.

This visit was conducted in the framework of a comparative study and discussion of the provisions for testing samples and analytical methods in accordance with BPOM regulations, such as microbiological testing, heavy metals, vitamins, fats and derivatives.

Head of PPPOMN, Mohamad Kashuri, S.Si., Apt. M. Farm is open in the process of comparative studies from any party or institution. He explained that the method used every year is always updated according to the development of the level of difficulty of the type of product and the test target, so that it is more accurate in the testing process.

"The purpose and purpose of this visit is for a comparative study in order to develop the scope of testing towards the direction of thayyib, namely quality assurance and product safety. In addition, this visit was carried out to find out the development of methods carried out by regulators in controlling products on the market," said Lppom MUI Expert of Laboratory Service, Dr. Priyo Wahyudi, M.Si.

The results of this comparative study are used to complement the reference for the development of existing services in the LPPOM MUI Laboratory, especially in the field of quality assurance and product safety in chemical and microbiological testing in accordance with existing regulations. That way, the LPPOM MUI Laboratory can accommodate consumer needs more fully, both from the halal aspect that has been applied so far and from the thayyib aspect related to quality assurance and product safety.

PPPOMN is one of the fields under BPOM that handles the development of laboratory test methods that will be used in all testing centers in all provinces of Indonesia. This field has a function as a center for the development of test methods; manufacture of comparison standards; recommendations of equipment, methods, and competencies to POM Centers throughout the province; proficiency test providers; as a preparation of tools for all POM in Indonesia; and the construction of laboratory testing laboratories. (ULW/YN)

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