Encouraging Acceleration of Halal Certification, Teten Masduki Appreciates LPPOM MUI

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The government is accelerating halal certification. This was conveyed by the Minister of Cooperatives and SMEs, Teten Masduki, in a webinar with the theme “Easy Ways to Halal Certification for Slaughterhouses” on 24 May 2023 which included a series of activities at the LPPOM MUI Shawwal Festival 1444 H.

“According to the President’s directives, we will speed up the process of obtaining halal certification for business actors, especially MSMEs, by reducing the duration of obtaining certificates. Massive socialization and assistance related to halal certification for MSMEs must continue to be carried out,” explained Teten.

His party appreciated the Syawal Festival activities carried out by LPPOM MUI because they were considered capable of strengthening the halal ecosystem in the upstream sector and increasing the guarantee and certainty of halal products, including MSME products. Currently, the government is focusing on developing MSMEs because they have strategic potential in halal industrial activities, which include the food and beverage, fashion, cosmetics, pharmaceutical, tourism, media, and financial services sectors.

According to data from the Halal Product Assurance Agency (BPJPH), as many as 30 million business products require halal certification. But until now, only around 725,000 products have been certified halal, and 405,000 of them come from the MSME sector. Compared to the total number of MSMEs in the country, which reached 64.2 million, this number still needs to be improved, so synergy is required from various parties to encourage access to halal certification.

“With the commitment to the seriousness and accuracy of all parties, let’s together create competitive MSME products with halal certification. Indonesia is progressing with halal certification for a better Indonesian halal industry,” said Teten. (*)

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