Cerol-SS23000, Signing Up the Halal Certification is Getting Easier

Cerol-SS23000 is an online platform to ease the Customers in the process of halal certification. The platform is launched by The Assessment Institute for Foods, Drugs, and Cosmetics Indonesian Council of Ulama (LPPOM MUI) since 8 years ago, precisely on May 24, 2012.

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The presence of Cerol-SS23000 is meant to provide effective, efficient, and accountable halal certification registration service. For sure, this could help the businessmen either the companies or UMKM. Hence, the interface and menu of Cerol-SS23000 is designed to simplify the customers use it.

All of the steps and processes halal certification are able to be monitored by Cerol-SS23000 platform, from the creating account, registration, audit, fatwa monitoring, until the halal certificate is out. So, let’s discuss the phases completely. This article shall discuss the needed phases to activate Cerol-S23000 until the registration process.

Account Creating of Cerol-SS23000 

The first needed phase should be done by customers in having Cerol-S23000 account is signing up their companies. The customers are only need to open the website Click “Sign Up”, then there will appear some points that customers need to fill, such as: Company Name, Address, City, Country, Company Email, Username, Password, and Password Confirmation. Click “Sign Up” to end the customers registration process.

Verification and Activation

After that, customers will receive the activation link through the registered email when “Sign Up”. This verification is a customers step to activate the account. Click the link and account will be active with the customers enter the website

To signing in the Cerol-SS23000 application, customers need to log in by submitting the “Username” and “Password” have been created. Then, customers enter the dashboard Cerol-23000 v3.0. In this page, customers can look the various menu of MUI halal certification process. Starts form registration menu, monitoring process, inquiry, regular report, certificate downloading, and registration disclaimer.

However, before accessing other menus, customers need to complete the company profile first. Click the “Customer” button at the top right and select “Profile”. Complete the Profile with company Contact Person (PIC) data and valid contact information. The points that must be completed include: City, Country, Zip Code, Phone, Fax, Company Email, Person in Charge (PIC) Name, PIC Title, PIC Phone, PIC Mobile Phone, PIC Email, Contact Person (CP) Name, CP Title, CP Phone, CP Mobile Phone, and CP Email. Make sure all information is filled in correctly, then click “Update”. 


The next step is the registration of halal certification. While entering the dashboard page, the Customer can select “Registration”, then click “Halal Registration”. On the menu, the Customer must fill in some company data, such as: Branch Code, Registration Date, Registration Type (business process / type of business), Registration Status (new / development / renewal), Product Type (retail / nonretail / both), NPWP , Type Of Permit, Total Employee, Production Capacity, No. Of Product Group, Registration Type, Product Group, Registration Fee, Total Registration Fee, and Payment Type (cash / transfer). 

After all the points are filled with complete and appropriate data, click “Submit”. Then a Certification Agreement (Customer Agreement) will appear. Read carefully and check the box to agree. Click “Submit” to end the registration process and Cerol-SS23000 will send a registration payment email.

Registration Payment

Customers need to make payment for registration to the LPPOM MUI account in accordance with the numbers printed on the email. Then click the “Payment Registration” menu to upload proof of payment. Customers also need to fill in the Registration Number, Payment Type (cash / transfer), and click “Full Payment” to pay a specified nominal amount. After that, click “Paid” and the data will be processed immediately.

It does not take much your time, your company has registered as a registrant for the LPPOM MUI halal certification. Check out the next article that will review the other Cerol-SS23000 stages in detail. (YN)

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