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After successfully activating the account and registering, the next step in Cerol-SS23000 which is considered vital and crucial is uploading the Halal Assurance System (SJH) document that has been implemented by the customers. However, in advance, do not forget to stop by the “Set Default” feature on the “Halal Registration” menu.

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The feature functions to process the selection of halal registration numbers. Click the “Set Default” button in the “Action” column of the “Halal Registration” table. The registration number you have chosen will appear at the top right side of the screen with the information as the registration number that is currently active. 

Every time the customer enter the halal registration data input process through the “Add Data” feature, the registration will automatically become the active registration number choice, so that the customers does not need to process the selection of the registration number through the “Set Default” feature to process the registration. The process of selecting the registration number needs to be done again by the customers through the “Set Default” feature if the customers have logged out of the Cerol system. 

If the customers go directly to the “Registration – Upload Certification Data” menu before selecting the registration number, the Cerol system will automatically display the “Registration – Halal Registration” menu page. The customers will also be reminded by the appearance of the notification box containing “Set Default Registration First!” at the top right corner of the screen. The Cerol system will automatically display the “Registration – Upload Certification Data” menu page, after the customers have selected the registration number. (*)

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