BSN: LPPOM MUI Becomes an Industrial Gateway to Enter the Global Market

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The government has an obligation to protect the public from consuming products that endanger society. The role of standards becomes very important to ensure products are safe for consumption. Therefore, requirements must exist and be standardized in standards seen from assessment, inspection, validation, and inspection.

Director of Accreditation System and Harmonization, National Standardization Agency (BSN), Sugeng Raharjo, ST conveyed this at the LPPOM MUI Halal Award 2022 awarding ceremony which was held on July 7, 2022 at the IPB International Convention Center, Bogor.

Standardization and conformity assessment aims to improve quality assurance, production efficiency, national competitiveness, healthy and transparent business competition in trade, business certainty, and the ability of business actors, as well as technological innovation capabilities. From the consumer side, this serves to increase protection for consumers, business actors, labor, and other communities, as well as the state, both in terms of safety, security, health, and preservation of environmental functions. Meanwhile, from the side of business actors to increase the certainty, smoothness, and efficiency of trade transactions in goods and / or services at home and abroad.

"Therefore, it is necessary to arrange an instrument so that everything can run well. That alone is not enough, a process and measurement cannot be accounted for without a measurement that can be accounted for. Thus was born a national meterological institution whose whole is connected to international institutions. Measurements must be in accordance and traceable with the international system in order to increase competitiveness and make Indonesian products have the competitiveness to expand their reach to the global market," he explained.

Currently, specifically related to halal standards, Indonesia still uses the HAS 23000 standard. This standard was initiated by LPPOM MUI and has continued to be improved since the beginning of LPPOM MUI was established.

"Meanwhile, on the global side, through ESMA, Indonesian standards have received mutual recognition from Indonesia to the United Arab Emirates. LPPOM MUI which has been accredited by KAN will be registered at ESMA and KAN is also recognized as an accreditation body there.

With this acceptance, accreditation as a halal certification body obtained by LPPOM MUI for the ESMA halal certification scheme (MoIAT) is able to encourage the export of Indonesian halal products. Even so, other certification schemes needed by business actors still need to be expanded. That way, Indonesia is not only a consumer, but can become the largest producer of halal products. (*)

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