The Special Attention of 4 Important Points of Halal Cosmetic Certification

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The critical point of halal cosmetics is not only the materials and water permeability. There are four other important things that are often underestimated so that they do not receive special attention.

First, related to facilities. Ir. Muti Arintawati, M.Sc., Deputy Director of LPPOM MUI, explained that almost all the cosmetic companies do not only produce one kind of product. Coupled with the current condition, companies do not necessarily produce cosmetics in their own factories.

“Some companies use third parties. These third parties may receive orders not only from one company. This means that one factory can produce for ten companies,” explained Muti.

As a consequence, there is a possibility that in one factory there are products made from halal ingredients, while some contain haram ingredients. If there are contaminants, it can cause products that were previously halal to become contaminated with the haram, and the products are being haram.

Furthermore, related to the product naming. Referring to the eleven criteria for the Halal Assurance System (SJH) written in the HAS23000 book, it is stated that the brand/product name must not use a name that refers to something that is forbidden or not in accordance with Islamic sharia.

Products that cannot be certified are product names containing the name of liquor, containing the names of pigs, dogs, and their derivatives, using satanic names, which lead to things that give rise to kufr and falsehood, and contain words with erotic, vulgar and/or porn.

In addition, the characteristics/sensory profile of the product must not have a tendency to smell or taste that leads to non-halal products or those that have been declared non-halal based on the MUI fatwa. For example, the aroma or taste of rum.

The last is the form of packaging. A product cannot be certified if the packaging looks alike pigs and dogs or erotic, vulgar, and/or contains pornographic. 

“For example, there is a perfume bottle in the shape of a naked woman’s body or there are immodest images. It does not make the product being haram, but the product still cannot be certified,” said Muti. (YN)

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