IAI Webinar: Complete Peeling of halal certification process for medicinal products and services

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The Institute for the Study of Food, Medicines, and Cosmetics of the Indonesian Ulema Council (LPPOM MUI) in collaboration with the Indonesian Pharmacists Association (IAI) of Bandung Regency held a webinar on Halal Drug Certification on Saturday, April 9, 2022.

Catleya as a representative of the IAI regional board revealed that the topics raised were selected based on the results of a survey by IAI members and fellow drug manufacturers, "the topic of the drug halal certification webinar today is important for us to discuss", said Catleya. This event was held to support the Government's program in carrying out the mandate of the Halal Product Guarantee Law in halal certification of products circulating in Indonesia, especially medicines

On this occasion, the Director of Audit Services & Halal Partnership LPPOM MUI, Dr. Ir. Muslich, M.Si., provided an explanation related to the requirements for halal certification of drugs. "Halal certification for the pharmaceutical industry can be carried out on medicinal products, supplements, biological products, medical devices, and services that handle, for example, storage services, distribution and sales of pharmaceutical products (pharmacies)," he said. Also present from the Industrial Pharmacy Seminar Association to explain the readiness of the pharmaceutical industry in fulfilling halal drug certification.

In addition to halal, drugs circulated in Indonesia must have a distribution permit and meet good drug manufacturing and distribution methods. In this case, Dra. Rera Rachmawati Apt. from balai Besar POM was present to explain the policy and supervision of drug sales virtually.

The presentation was continued with an interactive discussion with the participants who are pharmacists and business actors who produce pharmaceutical products. The participants were interested in halal certification requirements such as requirements for the use of ethanol in pharmaceutical products, personnel qualifications, ensuring the fulfillment of requirements when there is the use of pig-derived materials in materials in testing laboratories, as well as sharing experiences on the challenges faced in processing halal certification today.

LPPOM MUI offers various programs that can accommodate the needs of business actors in halal certification activities for products and services in accordance with Indonesian government regulations. To find out more about LPPOM MUI halal certification services, you can fill out the following form: and the LPPOM MUI Halal Partner team will contact you immediately.

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