Caution, Avoid Haram and Impure Cosmetics

Cosmetics that are applied to the face and other body parts affect the conditions for the validity of prayer; it is pure from najis.

Do not carelessly choose cosmetics since many types and brands of cosmetics have not been certified halal by MUI. Mainly imported cosmetic products. This regulation is emphasized by the Chairman of the Indonesian Council of Ulama, Drs. KH Sholahuddin Al Aiyub, M.Si in a Friday Study, in front of the staff of the Assessment Institute for Foods, Drugs and Cosmetics Indonesian Council of Ulama (LPPOM MUI), some time ago.

According to Kiai Aiyub, cosmetics are different from food or drink that enters the body. However, cosmetics that stick to the face and other body parts affect the validity of prayer; it is pure from najis.

Therefore, every Muslim who wants to perform prayers must be ensured that there is no more impurity, either on the body, clothes, or the place of worship.

Until September 2021, data from LPPOM MUI data stated that a total of 16,844 halal cosmetic products with 418 halal certificates from 210 companies circulated in Indonesia.

A Muslim woman is always encouraged to choose holy and halal cosmetics and avoid using cosmetic products that are haram and unclean. Make sure that the cosmetics used are cosmetics that already have a halal certificate. 

Let’s identify cosmetic ingredients that must be observed at the critical point of their prohibition.  


Fats and their derivatives (glycerin, gms, cetyl alc, stearic acid, stearyl acid, palmitate acid, etc.) are widely used in the manufacture of lipsticks and soaps creams and lotions. These ingredients can come from animal fat. About that animal, there are unclean animals, and some are halal and slaughtered according to Islamic law.

Collagen and Elastin 

Collagen and elastin help maintain skin elasticity. Substances that are often used for moisturizing products are tissues that can come from animals.

Placenta and Amnion Extract (Amniotic Fluid) 

Placenta and amnion, which are mainly used for skin rejuvenation, can be obtained from animals, even humans.


In vitamins for cosmetics, one of the substances that need to be considered is a stabilizer since some come from animals.

Alpha Hydroxy Acid (AHA)

AHA is beneficial for reducing wrinkles and improving skin texture to become smooth and supple. One of the AHA compounds, lactic acid, can use media derived from animals in its manufacture. 


Estrogen hormones, thymus extract, and melatonin are hormones derived from animals and can be used for cosmetics. (FM)  

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