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In global trade, guaranteed halal products have become a necessity. This was revealed by H. Zainut Tauhid Sa’adi, M.Sc., Deputy Minister of Religion, at the LPPOM MUI Gathering and MUI Halal Certified Company (ASSALAM) which took place on 29 June 2020.

“The potential of the halal world is huge. Many countries in the world have applied halal standards to the production of their products, both in the goods and services sectors. Indonesia must take the potential of the global halal market, which is to take the portion of exports of halal products, “explained Zainut.

As a country with the majority of the world’s largest Muslim population, Indonesia should be able to supply halal goods and services to the world, at least for domestic needs. Of course, this requires cooperation from various parties, ranging from the government, businesses, to the community as consumers. This is a challenge for the Indonesian people.

With regard to regulations, Indonesia is increasingly tidying up about the implementation of halal product assurance. It was marked by the birth of the Halal Product Assurance Act (JPH Act). This proves that the state is present in guaranteeing halal products consumed by Muslim communities through halal certification. 

“Quality is no stranger in the global world. With a halal label, product quality is guaranteed to be safe and environmentally friendly. While for business people, halal label is a product advantage, “said Zainut.

Products that have obtained halal certificates, he continued, could be said to be higher than other products. By obtaining a halal certificate, it means that a product complies with the halal assurance system criteria required by LPPOM MUI. Even further, it has met the standards of the United Arab Emirates (UAE). So that during the validity of halal certificates, the product is free from contamination of non-halal and unclean materials.

Another thing that also needs to be highlighted is Indonesia’s ability has been tested in combining religious values ??that are correlated with universal human values. Indonesia’s readiness to be a pioneer and a major player in the halal industry is also supported by religious institutions that have the authority to determine halal fatwas, as has been done so far by the MUI which has been incorporated from various mass organizations.

“At this time, we are accustomed to hearing certain quality products or services according to ISO standards. But in the future, along with the changing global order and towards a new balance, the resistance to the halal image will be increasingly reduced, especially Indonesia will increasingly become a pioneer and center of every halal issue, “said Zainut.

The next challenge is building a halal ecosystem. This correlates with the Islamic financial sector which supports the halal industry. The development of sharia economy is not only based on the content of the halal industry, but requires a more holistic development effort, namely the development of the halal value chain. 

Strengthening research and technology in developing halal products and public education related to halal awareness is also very necessary. Indonesia’s halal industry and all existing regulations will in fact provide inner peace for the community while encouraging significant growth in the development of the halal industry to strengthen the economic structure of the Indonesian nation. (YN)

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