Vice President of the Republic of Indonesia: LPH Plays an Important Role in Halal Certification

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Together with the Halal Product Assurance Organizing Agency (BPJPH) and the Indonesian Ulema Council (MUI), the important role of the Halal Inspection Agency (LPH) in the halal certification process cannot be denied. For the last 33 years, the Institute for the Study of Food, Medicines, and Cosmetics of the Indonesian Ulema Council (LPPOM MUI) has continued to carry out an audit function on the first and most trusted halal certification so that it has also become an icon of the halal label for Indonesian halal products.

This was conveyed by the Vice President (Vice President) of the Republic of Indonesia, Prof. Dr.. (H.C.) K.H. Ma'ruf Amin, at the 33rd Tasyakur Milad LPPOM MUI event on January 25, 2022. In his remarks, Ma'ruf Amin expressed his appreciation for LPPOM MUI for its commitment, mission, and consistency in an effort to maintain the peace of the people through the consumption of halal food, medicine and cosmetics that are guaranteed halal.

LPH spread throughout the region is important to encourage and make it easier for business actors to obtain halal certification for their products, including to serve MSMEs, which number more than 64 million. Guaranteeing the halalness of MSME products is one of the requirements to penetrate the global halal market.

"Right now, we're continuing to race against time. Mainly to realize two major jobs in 2024, namely the obligation to be halal certified for all food and beverage products as well as Indonesia's vision as the center of the world's halal product industry," explained the Vice President.

With representatives spread across 34 provinces, he continued, LPPOM MUI is still the spearhead in the process of inspection and/or testing of halal products. The existence of LPPOM MUI representatives abroad such as China, Korea, Taiwan and others also further strengthens Indonesia's existence as part of the global industrial supply chain.

According to the Vice President, strengthening the halal industry ecosystem must continue to be carried out, especially to increase the capacity and quality of the halal product industry, in order to provide more added value to the Indonesian economy. In the halal industry, various policies for MSME developers have been implemented as the government's focus, including through facilitating halal certification.

"Thank you to LPPOM MUI for playing an active role in the free halal certification program or SEHATI for MSEs. And, through organizing the Syawal Festival which succeeded in producing 644 MSEs certified halal," he said.

The Vice President also expressed his appreciation for all the breakthroughs made by LPPOM MUI in seeking to accelerate halal certification in the midst of a pandemic through the Modified Onsite Audit or MOSA system. This is an online halal certification service, especially for products that are simple and do not have a high critical halal level.

On this occasion, Ma'ruf Amin also emphasized that the halal label is important to give confidence that the quality of products is guaranteed to be safe and in accordance with Islamic law, namely halalan thayyiban. "The existence of a halal label also provides added value and product competitiveness, especially now when public awareness to consume halal products has increased, and has even become part of the lifestyle," he said.
VIDEO : Remarks by the Vice President of the Republic of Indonesia in tasyakur Milad LPPOM MUI 33rd Anniversary

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