Utilization of Pig Material for Animal Feed

By: Dr. KH. Maulana Hasanuddin, M.A. (Deputy Chairperson of the Central MUI Fatwa Commission); and Drs. H. Sholahudin Al-Aiyub, M.Sc. (Deputy Secretary General of the Central MUI and member of the Central MUI Fatwa Commission).

With the development of science and technology, especially in the field of animal feed, when observed, there are some groups using materials from pigs for animal feed, in order to spur the growth and development of livestock managed. (HalalMUI)

For example, some use pig’s blood into blood flour, or pork bone as bone flour, which is then mixed to enrich the nutritional content of animal feed for cows, goats, or chickens.

The reality of the practice is tickle, then how does the law actually use materials from pigs for animal feed, which we consume every day?

Answering these questions, several studies can be presented. First, from the side of Taklif Law, it can be affirmed that animals are not subject to Taklif Law (burden). So there are no halal-haram provisions for animals. Taklif Law only applies to humans, even then with the condition that humans are mature and intelligent. Children who are not baligh-minded, or crazy people who have lost their minds, are also not exposed to Taklif Law. In the Hadith of the Prophet. mentioned,

“There are three classes of men who have been lifted up from it (ie not given the burden of the Shari’ah), namely: the person who sleeps until he is awake, a small child until he is baligh and someone who is crazy until he is cured.” (HR. Abu Dawud)

In another history, it was stated, “The pen has been taken from three groups: from a madman until he realizes, from a person sleeping until he wakes up, and from a small child until he is high.” [Shahiih al-Jaami’ish Shaghiir 3514], Sunan at -Tirmidzi (II / 102/693)

From Fiqhiyah’s view, zhohiri (outwardly), we don’t eat pork but consume chicken or beef. But as believers, we must guard and avoid the things that are Shubhat, as ordered by the Prophet. in his hadith, narrated from Abu Abdillah Nu’man bin Basyir he said: I heard Rasulullah saw. said: “Indeed, the law of halal is clear and haram is clear. Between them, there are things that are subtle (vague) that are not known to many people. So whoever is afraid of syubhat means he has saved his religion and honor. And who falls in the syubhat thing, it will fall into the haram thing.” (HR. Bukhori and Muslim).

Furthermore, if we pay attention, many people keep fish in a pond where on top is a toilet or a chicken coop. The fish eats chicken manure or human excrement in the toilet. Some even deliberately feed African catfish, for example, with chicken carcasses. And the fish remains halal. There are no ulama who forbid fish with such maintenance.

However, regarding pig feed, if chicken or beef changes color, smell, and taste from those fed normally, then the chicken or cow must be quarantined before being slaughtered until the meat condition is normal. (HalalMUI)

Zero Tolerance, There Must Be No Intifa’

But in terms of actions, if you intentionally buy blood flour or bone flour from the pig, then the behavior of buying and using the pig, including the category of acts that are prohibited in religion. The ulama in the MUI have established the principle regarding pig and all of its derivative forms: there is no tolerance at all, “Zero Tolerance”. Then all derivative products also become illegitimate.

Well, the deliberate use of this material from pork, as an ingredient for animal feed, is clearly prohibited in the sharia principle. Because it is included in the intifa’ category ‘or the use of pigs or ingredients/goods which are prohibited and prohibited in Islam. It is stated in the hadith from Abu Hurairah that Rasulullah saw. has said: “Verily Allah has forbidden khamr and the proceeds of its sale and forbade the carcass and the proceeds of the sale and forbade the pig and the proceeds of its sale.” (HR. Abu Daud).

Strictly speaking, in this pig problem, there should be no intifa’ or the use of ingredients or ingredients from pigs at all. In the history it is mentioned, “Ma haruma akluhu, haruma tsamanuhu”. Whatever is forbidden to eat it, it is also haram (the price of buying it). And this prohibition is included in the rules of Saddudz-Dzari’ah. As a preventive or preventive measure, so as not to violate the established law. Wallahu’lam bish-showab. (HalalMUI)

Source: Jurnal Halal, 116


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