Sour Sally, the First Halal Certified Frozen Yogurt in Indonesia

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Good news for frozen yoghurt lovers!! This time was coming from PT. Berjaya Sally Ceria obtained a halal certificate on February 23, 2023. The halal logo embedding event was held on March 8, 2023, at the Sour Sally outlet, Emporium Pluit Mall, Jakarta.

National Halal Partnership Manager of LPPOM MUI, Nurul Fajrina, S.TP, appreciated the commitment and efforts of Sour Sally’s management in obtaining halal certificates for all Sour Sally outlets, totalling 75 outlets throughout Indonesia. According to him, this is only achievable with the management’s commitment.

“With the commitment and support from the halal team to prepare and implement the Halal Product Assurance System (SJPH), and equally important, of course, the extraordinary efforts of the management, the halal Sour Sally was formed. The results of observations from LPPOM MUI stated that Sour Sally was Indonesia’s first restaurant with a halal-certified frozen yoghurt concept. In the future, hopefully, this will be a trigger for other business actors to obtain halal certificates,” explained Nurul.

CEO and Founder of PT. Berjaya Sally Ceria, Donny Pramono, expressed his gratitude to LPPOM MUI. During the halal certification process, he was given a lot of guidance and assistance until the halal certificate was successfully obtained. Her party also stated that Sour Sally had received the status of implementing the Halal Assurance System with an ‘A’ rating or very good.

“With this status, both in terms of materials, facilities, and team management procedures, it is considered that they have fulfilled the SJPH criteria very well. Armed with a halal certificate, market expansion to cities and other countries will be much easier,” said Donny.

On the same occasion, Ustadz Arif Kurniawan, one of the speakers, emphasized that halal certificates can add to the blessings of restaurants owned by business actors. This is because the company has implemented Islamic law and shari’a in the processing and presentation of products. This achievement will also increasingly make the product a blessing for consumption by its customers.

LPPOM MUI provides a platform to check product food and drinks with a halal certificate. You can review halal products through the website or the Halal MUI application that can be downloaded on Google Playstore ore. (ZUL)

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