Jakarta — The term chicken tiren (yesterday died) is still a common topic of discussion. Even so, not a few people still consume the chicken without his knowledge. In fact, it is not uncommon for tiren chicken to be mixed with formalin ingredients to keep its appearance looking fresh.

Vice Director of the Assessment Institute for Foods, Drugs and Cosmetics, Indonesian Council of Ulama (LPPOM MUI) Muti Arintawati said that tiren chicken is a carcass that is not suitable for consumption in terms of health. Of course, this is not halal.

“Chicken injections are a fraudulent practice that should not be done. The use of formalin in terms of food safety is prohibited. Not thayyib,” she said.

Animal Product Quality and Certification Center (BPMSPH) divide chicken meat into four classifications, namely fresh chicken, injected chicken, formalin chicken, and tiren chicken. Here is the explanation.

Injectable chicken is chicken which is given water by injection inside the meat in order to increase the weight of the meat. The characteristics, there is no fold between the thighs and chest because the skin and flesh are filled with water.

Formalin chicken is carcass/chicken meat that injected or dipped into formalin. If it pinched, the skin will not return to its original shape (the skin looks stiff). When pinching, we should use gloves, tweezers, or plastic bags. Make sure the hands are not in direct contact with the surface of the meat.

Tiren chicken (died yesterday) is a chicken that is killed by slaughter or not slaughtered (carcass), so that blood does not come out of the chicken’s body and freezes in every vein. Many chickens are sold with very cheap prices.

Tiren chicken is the most easily distinguished from bluish-red blood vessels due to blood clots. This blood clotting is very visible at the base of the wing. Capillary blood vessels also show bluish-red (frozen blood in blood vessels). In addition, reddish colors like bruises are also seen in some parts of the meat.

Photo Source : www.idntimes.com

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