Assalamu’alaikum wr. wb.

I run a snack business where raw materials and other ingredients contain neither pork nor alcohol. Is it that when I want to apply for halal certification, do I still have to do an inspection?

Please enlighten. Thanks


Dian Anggraeni

Cikupa, Tangerang



Mrs. Dian Anggaeni yth., I can say that in the halal-haram issue, we cannot unilaterally state that the products we consume have been completely halal without first conducting an in-depth study and examination. This is because, among other things, with the advancement of food processing technology, it has made the content of illicit goods enter food and beverage products without being detected with the naked eye, and must go through careful inspection.

Therefore, although the main raw materials that mothers use with the naked eye do not have pork elements or alcohol, it is very likely that the content of pork ingredients and their derivatives and alcohol is in the additives or auxiliary ingredients. For example, it is in the content of soy sauce, seasonings, or other ingredients.

Therefore, to ensure the presence or absence of non-halal material content, LPPOM MUI still has to carry out an examination, even if it is deemed necessary to carry out laboratory tests.

That’s our explanation. Thanks.


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