LPPOM MUI Gives 2nd Place to the 2019 Halal Olympics

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Denpasar – The Assessment Institute for Foods, Drugs and Cosmetics of the Indonesian Council of Ulama (LPPOM MUI) awarded the 2019 Olympic Olympiad to the winner of Champion 2 in the form of Notebooks and education savings worth Rp. 8,000,000, located at SMAN 7 Denpasar, Bali on Monday (10/2).

The presentation was carried out by the Director of Communication of LPPOM MUI Ir. Osmena Gunawan to Putra Rizki Wahyu Setyawan students accompanied by Islamic Guidance Teacher Margiyanto, M.Pd.I and Principal of Denpasar 7 Public High School Dra. Cokorda Wife Mirah Kusuma Widiwati, M.Pd.

Osmena explained the importance of consuming halal food and drinks. He hoped that later not only the winner of the 2019 Halal Olympics would campaign for the importance of consumption of halal and thayyib products, but this was also done by all students in Indonesia. That way, a healthy society will be created.

“We all have to share the importance of consuming halal and thayyib products. That means that we have chosen foods and drinks that are healthy and beneficial for our bodies. Remember, halal food is quality food,” he said.

Meanwhile, Cokorda revealed the importance of knowing students’ potential early on. This will help students in achieving the foremost achievements. Of course, collaboration with related parties is also a necessity in realizing dreams. In this case, Cokorda thanked LPPOM MUI for facilitating this prestigious competition.

He also expressed his appreciation for the achievements achieved by one of his students and the teacher who had accompanied him. “This is our pride because this achievement has entered the international level, and SMAN 7 Denpasar is able to win the championship. Of course this must be maintained,” he said.

Also present at this event was the Head of the Bali Provincial Office of Education, Youth and Sports Ketut Ngurah Boy Jayawibawa and the Head of Islamic Education Ministry of Religion of the Province of Bali H. Muhammad HUD, SH, MA. (YF, YN)

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