Keeping the Earth Sustainability, Obeying Allah’s Command 

Earth has given many things to humans. It begins with housing, food, and much more. It is only natural that humans take care of the earth because Allah dislikes actions that cause destruction.

Do you realize that the earth is not doing well? Human behavior affects the earth’s condition, which is “unhealthy” today. However, human behavior can also restore the shape of the planet. Starting with what we feel like the air temperature is getting hotter, the weather changes from scorching heat to heavy rain.

What we often hear reports on the news, namely the amount of melting ice in the Arctic, resulting in reduced land ice and turning into the sea ice. The long-term effect is that all the ice can melt and make the surrounding land sink.

The condition of the earth is triggered by human behavior with various activities. Excessive use of electricity is the most significant contributor to global warming. Turning on the lights during the day and turning on the air conditioner, TV, and hairdryer at the same time are activities that can contribute the most to global warming on this earth.

Other human activities that are the most significant contributor to global warming are the excessive use of plastics, deforestation, and fossil fuels.

Protecting the Earth in Islam

Protecting the earth is an obligation for Muslims. Several provisions related to the human duty to protect the environment are contained in the Qur’an. In QS. Al-Baqarah verse 205 states that destroying the domain is one of the characteristics of hypocrites. 

“… And when they leave ‘you’,1 they strive throughout the land to spread mischief in it and destroy crops and cattle. Allah does not like mischief …”

Quoted Republika, Ustadz Fahmi Salim stated that humans are required to have good relations with all creatures on earth. Allah, in His word, has also explained that humans must prosper on the earth.

Ustadz Fahmi Salim said what is meant by prosperity is increasing blessings and increasing help something. Something called prosperous must also be efficient, growing, and sustainable. “Humans as caliphs must manage the earth and everything in it properly so that it can be useful for the next generation,” he said.

As for corporations, several large companies have also pioneered the use of used goods to be recycled into goods that can be reused. Manufacturers of leading brand shoes worldwide do not hesitate to include information that the marketed products use used goods.

With the earth’s condition that is not fine, as well as orders to protect the earth, we can do various simple things. Some of them are reducing electricity consumption, reducing plastic use, not producing food waste, reducing tissue use, using computers and cellphones to reduce digital carbon footprint, and switching to slow fashion to minimize textile waste.

These simple ways you can do easily can contribute to making the earth healthy again. So, let’s do this simple way gradually. (Asri/Source:

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