A Staycation Guide to Hotels during the Pandemic

Undeniably, the desire to travel during this pandemic remains even more likely to increase. Eventually many families decided to staycation at the hotel. The reason is to be able to “get out of the house” but still be safe because it is in the hotel environment. Even so, it is important that we continue to ensure the safety and health of ourselves and our families. Let’s check out some of the hotel’s staycation guides.

Choose a Hotel That Implements Health Protocols

Before choosing a hotel for a staycation, you can find out if it implements health protocols or not. The trick is to ask by phone or hotel social media. Usually the hotel will also upload about their health protocols on social media accounts.

Secretary General of the Indonesian Hotel and Restaurant Association Maulana Yusran as quoted from stated that consumers can ask any questions about Covid-19 on the hotel side. “Consumers know if the hotel is applying the standards as they wish. It’s good to be asked at the beginning,” he explained.

Know the Health Protocols of the Hotel

The hotel implementing health protocols will provide washbasin and hand sanitizer in strategic places, such as the hotel lobby and entrance. Some hotels also provide free masks and small hand sanitizers.

Hotel Dafam Chain prepares health protocols in accordance with the government’s recommendations, in this case from the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Indonesia. On its social media accounts, Hotel Dafam uploads about hygiene procedures, ranging from hotel elevators to rooms. There is also information about the check in process that can be done without physical contact with the receptionist.

For hotel employee health protocols, quoted from, the Hotel Shangri-La chain enforces the following:

  1. All employees will use personal protective equipment (PPE) such as gloves, face coverings, hairnets, and masks if deemed necessary by their medical experts.
  2. All employees have been through training with Diversey, an infection prevention expert, on improving hygiene and safety measures.
  3. All employees must go through a body temperature check.
  4. If any employees feel ill, they will be asked to seek medical help immediately, and relieved of duty. 

Obligations to Follow Health Protocols at the Hotel

The government through the Ministry of Tourism and Creative Economy/Tourism and Creative Economy Agency has issued health protocol guidelines when guests stay at hotels.

The guide must be followed by guests, including:

  1. Guests keep their distance from others about 1 meter.
  2. Provide information about health conditions, travel history in the last 14 days by filling out the Covid-19 risk self-assessment form upon check in.
  3. Provide information to hotel employees, especially receptionists if they have health problems (fever, cough, runny nose, sore throat and or shortness of breath).
  4. Always wear a mask in the hotel environment.
  5. Hand washing with soap or wear a hand sanitizer after holding public goods

Choose a Hotel with Complete Facilities

Now many hotels do not only provide a place to stay. There are hotels that provide supporting facilities such as kids’ corner, outbound area to mini zoo.

For those who choose a staycation without wanting to go on a trip elsewhere, choosing a hotel with complete facilities is the right choice, especially, if you invite the children to staycation. You can invite the children to play and not just stay in a hotel room without having to go to tourist attractions.

Choose Sharia Hotel

A much more important tips that we must pay attention to is always choosing sharia hotels. In some major cities in Indonesia and in many tourist areas there are many sharia hotels whose restaurants or kitchens have been l MUI’s halal certified. 

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Know the Procedure of Breakfast Service

Staycation is identic with eating buffet-style breakfast at the hotel. During this pandemic, breakfast service procedures in several different hotels. It is also adapted to the zone of the area where the hotel stands.

Maulana Yusran exemplifies that hotels in Jakarta during PSBB serve breakfast by sending food and drinks to guest rooms. “There are many things to ask, because each region has a difference in designation,” Maulana said.

Another case at Hotel Sari Ater, Subang, in mid-August, the breakfast service procedure still applies buffet style. However, guests cannot pick up their own food and must be picked up by the staff on duty.Seating is arranged, and one table can only be filled with two chairs. (AMR)

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