Giving 3,304 MSEs Technical Guidance, LPPOM MUI Successfully Held Syawal Festival

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Giving 3,304 MSEs Technical Guidance, LPPOM MUI Successfully Held the Syawal Festival Syawal Festival 1443 H, today it was officially closed by the Vice President of the Republic of Indonesia, Prof. Dr.. (HC.) K. H. Ma'ruf Amen. The Syawal Festival, which was held with the title Recover Together, Recover Stronger With Halal MSEs, is an event held as a form of LPPOM MUI's concern for Micro, Small Enterprises (MSEs) to increase the competitiveness and added value of its products.

President Director of LPPOM MUI, Muti Arintawati explained, the LPPOM MUI 1443 H Syawal Festival (2022) was attended by 3,304 SMEs in the form of Technical Guidance, 574 da'wah cadres who participated in the Training of Trainer (ToT) program, as well as a number of halal organizations and activists who participated in various series of activities.

He added that currently halal certification has become an obligation, which is stated in Law Number 33 of 2014 concerning Halal Product Guarantees. All products circulating in Indonesia must be halal certified. This obligation is effective in stages starting from October 17, 2019. Especially for food and beverages, the mandatory deadline for halal certification is 2024 with a staging period according to the type of product.

In that year, specifically for all food and beverage products must be halal certified. "This provision does not only apply to large companies, but also small business actors," said Muti Arintawati.

Citing data from the Ministry of Cooperatives and MSEs, Muti stated that in 2018 the number of MSME-scale companies in Indonesia was 64.2 million or around 99 percent of all business actors in Indonesia. This amount is very large, so to fulfill the obligation of halal certification requires support and cooperation from various parties, to provide knowledge about the halal certification process.

LPPOM MUI since its inception in 1989 has carried out a halal certification process for MSMEs. Until 2021 LPPOM MUI has carried out halal certification for 8,333 MSEs nationwide. Meanwhile, in 2022 until June, 2,310 business actors have carried out halal certification for MSEs.

"This number is certainly still very small when compared to the total number of MSEs in Indonesia," said Muti.

Therefore, LPPOM MUI held the Syawal Festival as a form of special attention and support for MSEs which had been started since 2021. In 2022, the Syawal Festival takes the theme of Increasing the Competitiveness of MSEs through Easy and Reliable Halal Certification. The focus of the activity is emphasized on technical guidance and training for the halal activist community in order to provide guidance to MSE actors. (***)


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