LPPOM MUI Explains Meatball Products from Malaysia in Riau Province

Recently, a video was circulated on the tvOneNews Youtube channel entitled “Officers raided the Malaysian Pork Meatball Warehouse” ( and news regarding allegations of illegally mixed pork meatballs from Malaysia that occurred in Meranti District, Riau Province.

LPPOM MUI needs to explain because several halal-certified products are clients of LPPOM MUI highlighted in the video. Here is the explanation:

1. The video highlights several product brands from Malaysia from several refrigerators. Some products are pork meatballs, and some are processed fish meatballs.

2. Based on news from Antaranews, the Head of the Class II Pekanbaru Animal and Plant Quarantine Office in the Selatpanjang working area, drh. Abdul Aziz Nasution stated that halal and non-halal goods were packed neatly and had been separated. So, there is a possibility that there will be no mixing of halal products with pork, as the news is circulating.

3. Several brands of processed fish meatball products in the video come from QL FOODS SDN BHD, an LPPOM MUI client. This company has undergone an inspection process by LPPOM MUI and has a BPJPH Halal Certificate with the number ID00410000117520421 valid until 08 July 2025. The products that appear in the video include: (a) SURIA CRAB FLAVOURED BALL; (b) WHITE FISH BALLS; (c) SURIAN CUTTLEFISH BALL

4. LPPOM MUI will take firm action against business actors if they are proven to have committed a violation.

5. This explanation emphasizes that all parties to no longer disseminate incorrect information to avoid public confusion.

For further information regarding product halalness, kindly visit or through the Halo LPPOM Call Center 14056, email [email protected], and WhatsApp at 081196301696.

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