At Cosmobeaute, LPPOM MUI Discusses Compulsory Halal Certified Cosmetic Products in 2026

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Since 2019, the government has enacted the Halal Product Assurance Act. The law states that products that enter, circulate, and trade in the territory of Indonesia must be halal certified, except for products that are forbidden. Cosmetics are included in the products referred to in the regulation. This regulation is under the authority of the Halal Product Assurance Agency (BPJPH), Ministry of Religion, RI.

Halal Partnership and Audit Services Director of LPPOM MUI, Dr. Ir. Muslich, M.Si, explained this in a seminar entitled “Halal Certification for Cosmetics and Cosmetics Ingredients” organized by LPPOM MUI in collaboration with PT Pamerindo Indonesia at the Cosmobeaute Exhibition on 5 November 2022 at the Jakarta Convention Center (JCC).

“In the context of halal certification, the main target is to ensure that the source of the material is pure and does not become unclean during handling. Along with the development of technology, there are many materials whose halal status is not clear or are called doubtful. Therefore, a halal fatwa is needed. The role of the ulema is significant to determine the law from the hadith and the Qur’an,” explained Muslich.

The Fatwa Commission of the Indonesian Council of Ulama (KF MUI) determines the fatwa. At the same time, the following function is given to the Halal Inspection Body (LPH). This institution conducts halal audits and inspections, one of which is LPPOM MUI. To support this function and respond to company needs, LPPOM MUI achieves accreditation. This is necessary for three reasons.

First, the destination country requires product certification. Second, the destination country requires certification by an accredited institution if you want to claim halal products. Third, there is no obligation from the destination country. Still, consumers need halal certificates, such as the United Arab Emirates (UAE), Turkey, and countries that are members of the Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC).

To encourage halal certification for the cosmetics industry, LPPOM MUI is present at the Cosmobeaute Exhibition organized by PT Pamerindo Indonesia on 3-5 November 2022 to provide consulting services for halal certification. Cosmobeauté is the only platform for beauty industry professionals in the Southeast Asian region, particularly in the aesthetics, beauty, cosmetic, hair, nail, and spa industries. To optimize networking and business opportunities, this Exhibition seeks to facilitate relations between exhibitors, importers, suppliers, and buyers who visit through the expo. (YN)

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