The danger of Consumption Chicken Carcasses (Tiren)

Some time ago, the Blitar City Resort Police Officers dismantled the practice of selling chicken carcasses (tiren / dying yesterday). Blitar Police Chief, AKBP Leonard M Sinambela, revealed that the chicken carcasses were processed to be sold back to traditional markets. He explained this was a particular crime because it could endanger the health of consumers

“We went to the location, and it was true that two persons were processing tiren chicken as if it looked like fresh chicken,” Leonard said in Blitar, Friday.

Reporting from, the police have arrested two perpetrators, IM (44) and AN (43), residents of Sukorejo District, Blitar. The police also confiscated evidence of 30 chicken carcasses. To the police, the perpetrators said the prohibited practice had been going on for around six months.

They buy chickens that have become carcasses from cages from collectors. Within a day, the offender can get more than 15 chicken carcasses. The price is between IDR 3,000 to IDR 6,000 per chicken carcass, depending on the size of the chicken carcass. Then, the chickens resold in the form of processed chickens for IDR 20 thousand to IDR 25 thousand per chicken.

The police are still detaining the perpetrators at Blitar Police Headquarters. They are threatened with multiple articles because they violate Article 204 of the Indonesian Criminal Code, the Food Law, and the Consumer Protection Act with a maximum penalty of 15 years in prison.

This is an essential record for the community. As written in Surah Al-Baqarah verse 173, which states, “Indeed, He forbids you carcasses, blood, pork, and animals slaughtered by a name other than Allah. But whoever is forced, not because he wants to, and does not exceed the limits, there is no sin for him. Indeed Allah is Forgiving, Most Merciful. “

That Surah clearly stated that carcass, or in this case, the chicken tiren, is one that forbidden for human consumption. In terms of health, the carcass is terrible for health.

Quoting from, here are the dangers posed when consuming tiren chicken meat.

1. Sliced ??tiren chicken meat, blood expenditure is not complete so that it becomes a developing medium that is favored by germs. If consumed by humans will cause illness and poisoning.

2. Chicken tiren, if the death caused by zoonotic diseases (diseases that can be transmitted from animals to humans or otherwise), for example, Avian Influenza, the virus can infect people who consume them.

3. The nutritional value found in tiren chicken can decrease dramatically and even cause harm to the health of people who consume it.

Therefore, Islam teaches the standard provisions in the slaughter process, namely:

1. Slaughter carried out with the intention of slaughtering and calling Asma Allah (Basmalah);

2. Slaughter has done by flowing blood through cutting 4 (four) vessels, the food vessels (let’s’ / esophagus), respiratory tract/throat (hulqum / trachea), and two blood vessels (wadajain / jugular vein and carotids arteries);

3. Slaughter has done once and quickly;

4. Ensure the blood flow and/or movement of animals as a sign of animal life (hayah mustaqirrah); and

5. Make sure the slaughter causes the death of the animal.

As consumers, the public also advised being more careful in choosing chicken meat. There are several ways to distinguish healthy chicken meat or tiren chicken meat, including:

1. The aroma of chicken meat caused slightly fishy, and this is because the meat has decomposed;

2. Chicken meat is bluish, not fresh, and tends to be pale. This condition is affected due to incomplete blood loss because at the time of slaughter the chicken is dead;

3. Chicken pieces on the neck look flat, in healthy chickens that go through the slaughtering process correctly, then three channels are cut in the neck of the chicken (blood vessels, pharynx/food holes, and larynx/breathing holes). These three channels have different elasticities so that if a live chicken cut correctly, it will leave a scar on its neck of unequal length (uneven);

4. On the head, chest, and thighs, there are red patches. This is due to incomplete blood expenditure in tiren chicken. (*)

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