Collaboration between LPPOM MUI and LinkAja Supports MSMEs to Upgrade

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As a sustainability measure in supporting financial inclusion in Indonesia that focuses on the MSME segment, especially in tier 2 and 3 cities, LinkAja & LinkAja Syariah collaborates with the Food, Medicines, and Cosmetics Assessment Institute of the Indonesian Ulema Council (LPPOM MUI) and the Halal Product Assurance Organizing Agency (BPJPH) in facilitating and facilitating MSMEs to obtain halal certification.

"This kind of collaboration is a good step to help MSMEs obtain halal certificates. Thus, they can promote their products as halal products as evidenced by halal certificates, not unilaterally claimed. We appreciate the efforts of LinkAja to advance MSMEs so that they can continue to compete healthily in marketing their products," explained Ir. Muti Arintawati M.Si, President Director of LPPOM MUI.

Wibawa Prasetyawan, Acting President Director of LinkAja, explained that his party continues to reach MSMEs so that they can continue to rise during the current difficult COVID-19 pandemic. "This is in line with LinkAja's commitment to support the government in implementing the mandate of the Halal Product Guarantee Law. We hope that in the future, MSME friends can "move up in class" and experience firsthand various digital assistance so that their business can grow," he said.

Meanwhile, Dr. H. Mastuki, M.Ag, Head of the BPJPH Halal Registration and Certification Center expressed his happiness at the collaboration between these three institutions to help MSME colleagues in the smooth running of their business. "With halal certification, business actors can be one step ahead in developing the business they have made so far. We believe that the sustainability of programs like this can be a good driving force in order to improve the quality of the economy in Indonesia," explained Mastuki.

The series of SEHATI programs implemented include technical guidance to prospective program recipients, selection of prospective program recipients, receiving registration and issuance of halal certification, inspection and / or testing of product halalness, and submission of product Halal Provisions. There are 18 MSMEs, most of which are in Java Island, selected to qualify to get the halal certification. (***)

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